There are plenty of beaches in Aruba as you must assume, but there is one beach in particular that is a must see on your travels to this friendly Caribbean island. 

IMG_8698Manchebo Beach is one of the best spots for sun, fun, and spas. Enjoy a relaxing day in the sand, look out into the cool clear water, and you will be amazed with the breath taking views; it is simply heaven. There are no true downsides to anything you will see, experience, and try in Aruba, however like many vacation spots there are pesky sand fleas. For those of you who are like myself, you attract bugs anywhere, anytime, no matter the weather, and this can pose a problem for optimum tanning and cocktail enjoyment. Luckily I brought Tick Tock Naturals with me, so those pesky biters didn’t bother me one bit, and my tan was intact!

IMG_8691Tick Tock Naturals is an all natural bug spray and works wonders. How do I know? Well, one night I forgot to put it on at a beach restaurant and got bitten! The entire week I was in aruba, not one bite… then the last night I got a little “over confident” and forgot to spray it on my legs. Ten minutes in the sand, and I was Thanksgiving Dinner for those little critters. Safe to say it was the last day of my trip and I learned my lesson.

Why Manchebo? It’s a quiet beach where there is no sand splashing, kids crying, and parties going on. It is simply an oasis for relaxation and tranquility. The beach is fabulous and if you have time you have to visit Spa Del Sol. Here you listen to the waves crashing upon the sand, while one of their well trained massage therapists releases all your pain, stress, and worries. It is pure bliss.

IMG_8700The restaurant here (part of hotel), has great lunch as well. Every year I dine here for one of their Mojito’s and this year’s new menu item a Quinoa and Mushroom Burger with Pineapple, Tomatoes, and Sweet Potato Fries. This dish was healthy, lighter, and absolutely delicious. It felt great laying out all day in my Mi Ola Swim Suit, which gives a very sexy tan line, while enjoying a healthy lunch, a cocktail, and the Aruba sun.

Thinking of visiting Aruba? Want to know the best of everything, what to do, where to eat, etc? Let me be your personal guide to all things that are great on this wonderful Caribbean island!