Robbinsville, North Carolina is an area I never knew about until the perfect pitch came my way. I received a delightful invite to a fabulous lodge in North Carolina where they take nature, charm, and beauty to another level! The Historic Tapoco Lodge is one of a kind and a staple in this area serving tourists and locals year-round with great accommodations, insanely beautiful sights, and amenities. We drove from Nashville, TN since that’s my new home base and it was a quick 4-hour drive that was as beautiful as the lodge. This lodge has quite a bit of history and humble beginnings in this scenic area of the Carolina’s. The craftsmanship has been unchanged since 1930’s and it’s incredibly charming to stay at.

            On our way up we drove through Knoxville since it was on the way which makes the trip feel a bit lighter car wise because we got to stop and have lunch in downtown. This was a great decision because we also got to drive The Dragons Tail all the way to the Tapoco Lodge! Besides this being my first time in Robbinsville, this was also my first time ever driving such a windy road. We drove up through the beautiful smoky mountains which is a sight to see on it’s own but then you get closer and closer to what they call the dragons tail and it’s a whole other level of driving.

           The roads were so curvy and fun! You absolutely must be careful when driving this but it’s worth it! We pulled up to the Tapoco Lodge which itself is stunning and instantly will remind you of a Hallmark movie. It’s a small hotel, ideal for people looking for a true intimate picturesque experience in the mountains. There is no phone reception so you have to rely on wifi, which I kind of loved. As you walk through the doors you’re greeted with a charming gift shop full of local goods and seasonal items; it was absolutely adorable. They have guest cabins that are great for families and pets, so plenty of family reunions, motorbike and luxury car groups come here too, to enjoy the beauty, roads, and dining.

        The team are all wonderfully nice and professional and our Sunflower room was elegant and charming. I loved the bathroom in the sunflower room, as it had one of those red light heaters which I thought was a great touch, along with luxurious bath products and makeup remover, which I totally needed and forgot to bring. Those small things are a huge amenity that you don’t get most places so this was a delightful surprise. Everything was clean, neat, and had that old tavern feel at the same time; the perfect balance of modern amenities offered with some old world elegance.

The view was outstanding as this room overlooks the riverside restaurant and river, so I recommend asking for the Sunflower Room. I can absolutely imagine in fall and winter leaving my window open to hear the rushing water and how peaceful that must be. When we entered however there was a sound machine playing nice nature sounds and it was so spa like and relaxing. The bed was extremely comfortable, my husband and I were so pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the luxury linens, comfortable mattress, and pillows… again it’s the small touches of luxury that really surprise and delight here!

           After a little rest and refresh we went down to the bar where I met Bunny the Bar Manager and Mixologist who made me an awesome “Bunny’s Old Fashioned” which was a potent and delicious (the way I like it) Mezcal Old Fashioned. It was the perfect cocktail after a decent drive and really got me excited for more of her creations. I also tasted a fun mead from Wherloom Meadery which is a great stop and close to the hotel. They have a strawberry lemonade one at the hotel, which reminded me almost of a sour beer in a way, but mead.

            We dined at the hotel at the restaurant and enjoyed their House Wings! These were really delicious and we decided to try their signature dry rub as well as the mild wings and both were awesome, perfectly crispy, yet juicy.  I loved that they offered us to try a few flavors with our one order, which I feel like never happens at a restaurant so this was another delightful surprise from Tapoco! We then went for the Trout Fish & Chips and the Ribeye which were very good. The fish and chips was flavorful and this was my first time having trout so it’s an interesting texture compared to the traiditonal cod used in this classic dish. I absolutely loved the sweet potato fries which we ordered with the ribeye, they’re savory and sweet at the same time with the perfect crunch. I also ordered the Mac and Cheese side because that’s a given anywhere I go, and I was so wildly surprised it was smoked gouda mac and cheese, which is my absolute favorite! We were way too full for dessert however next time I visit I will absolutely be ordering one.

            The pizza’s looked really good and are very popular so next time that will absolutely be what we order too.  They have an array of menu options including burgers, nachos, salads, and signature desserts; so there’s something for everyone. The wine list is limited but approachable and pair’s nicely with the menu if you don’t want a cocktail. They also have a nice selection of beers including local ones as well as ciders too. The views at the restaurant are really incredible as you dine along the river it’s so serene and I couldn’t stop looking at the water; it really put me at peace.

            After great nights rest we decided to explore a bit around the area and the hotel had a great guide book full of local vendors in the area which was awesome. We visited a few of their suggestions and they did not disappoint. They also give you plenty of maps of the lakes to visit and the team is so helpful with navigation incase you get a bit turned around, someone always knows how to direct you back! For local activities, I loved the Lavender farm and the meadery; both are absolutely worth a visit.

            We also really enjoyed breakfast here which is right outside the lobby on the patio where you get more sweeping views like you do at dinner but just higher up. It’s so beautiful. I really enjoyed the Classic Breakfast and the Skillet Scramble, both come with incredible thick sourdough bread which was addicting as well as the thick cut bacon. The bacon was one of the highlights it was so thick cut and fresh you really could taste the quality of the meat, and the thickness reminded me almost of a steakhouse style cut of bacon; truly one of a kind!

            This is the perfect lodge for a weekend getaway, reunion, nature trip, and everything in between. I asked Bunny if there were any busier seasons vs others and she said  all year round is good to visit. I loved the end of summer for our visit, we got great weather, but also think the fall and winter would be amazing here. I also had a chance to chat with the attentive front desk team who mentioned that for the holidays they go all out with décor, and it’s very “Hallmark Movie Charming” so I will absolutely be booking that here one day!

            If you’re seeking a great weekend getaway I highly recommend The Historic Tapoco Lodge. It books up fast as it’s a very popular hotel and spa so plan your trip now for 2024! I was really impressed and relaxed at this gorgeous lodge offering great accommodations, guest cabins that allow pets and families, fire-pits, and fun activities in the area… honestly what could be better?

            Want to see my weekend at Tapoco? Click HERE to see the Instagram Reel!