Attention Nashville residents and visitors, there’s an exciting addition to the city’s cocktail scene! Renowned Celebrity Master Mixologist, Rob Floyd, has recently unveiled the Sip Boldly Lounge, and I had the privilege of attending its grand opening.

Rob Floyd seamlessly combines the art of crafting cocktails with captivating cocktail theater in this intimate upstairs lounge situated above Teddy’s Tavern. During the opening event, he took us on a delightful journey through a series of cocktails, demonstrating his impeccable skills in shaking, creating, and surprising us with flavors, including the use of liquid nitrogen to craft inspired drinks.

It was a full house for both showtimes, and to add to the excitement, 80’s pop sensation Tiffany made a guest appearance! Now open to the public, Sip Boldly Lounge welcomes everyone to savor craft cocktails individually, accompanied by delicious food pairings.

Among the highlights of the new seasonal menu were the mouthwatering fried tomatoes. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend giving them a try during your visit.

The head mixologist at Sip Boldly Lounge is incredibly talented and dedicated to the art of cocktails. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Floyd in person, and he shared insights about his illustrious career. His passion for helping people become their best selves shines through, and he holds his team in high regard. He is undeniably a true leader and visionary in the industry.

If you’re in search of a new and exceptional cocktail destination in Nashville, look no further than Sip Boldly Lounge. Who knows, you might even have the chance to meet the master mixologist, Rob Floyd, himself!