While on my annual Aruba trip this year I was lucky enough to partner with two great companies that had me looking great and staying hydrated! It’s essential in my line of work to try and stay happy, as healthy as possible, and also look good while doing it, so thanks to Live Infinitely and Hourglass Angel I was able to do that while in the Caribbean.

Live Infinitely is a great brand built by two people who want their customers to go out and live life to the fullest each and every day. It’s more than just a business to Alicia and Shad, it’s their baby and their passion, and you can certainly tell that with the quality of the products. They have everything from infuser water bottles to workout gear and even great outdoor accessories and equipment! I brought and used the 32oz Polar Infuser Water Bottle with me to Aruba where I infused fresh mint, strawberries, and ginger into my water everyday. The freezable attachment kept my water cool while on the beach, and it’s shatterproof which made it great to bring by the pool and to the gym each morning. While working out, I wore the Live Infinitely Black Geometric Athletic Leggings (pictured above), which are comfortable and look great with my curves! These workout leggings are perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts as well as hot yoga. The material is stretchable but what I loved the most about them was that they hugged you in all the right places, and embraced my curves and did not roll down while running, weight lifting, and kickboxing. 

Now, because I do have a Time Share with Marriott and have an in room kitchen, I was able to cook healthy lunches and meals for myself so I could stay healthy while on vacation. Aruba has great supermarkets and they import a lot of organic ingredients and foods. To keep myself looking good and feeling great while wearing my Live Infinitely leggings, I brought my Hourglass Angel Faja Deportiva Animal Print Waist Trainer By Ann Michel 2024 with me on my trip too. This sexy and stylish waist trainer is made for working out and gives me great posture when I am doing dead lifts, while also helping me tone and sweat during cardio workouts. I love Hourglass Angel and have worn their workout waist trainers before, and recommend them for toning.

For those of you who enjoy working out while on vacation, and want some great gear to bring with you while you travel, I highly recommend Live Infinitely and Hourglass Angel. Both brands offer high quality products and gear that look great, travel well, and help you easily adapt to a traveling, adventure filled and healthy lifestyle!