Le Coq Rico

Elvis In The Sky

Le Coq Rico recently launched a new bar program: “The Dark Side” with creative cocktails made by Mixologist Lawrence Trailer. Despite Chef Antoine Westermann’s well-known career in France, where he held up to 3 Michelin stars for over 30 years, he was fascinated by the world of contemporary New York mixology, and opened Le Coq Rico in March.

Le Coq Rico

Rico’s Old Fashioned

The new program includes cocktails such as Mystic Roots with Woodford Reserve, charred carrot, Demerara, and egg whiteThe Orange Parrot Negroni with Greenhook Gin, Seville-infused Campari, Cynar, and orange smoke, as well as Elvis in the Sky with Avua Cachaca, beer nut orgeat, banana, and bacon. Paired alongside some of the cocktails were the famous Deviled Eggs and Popcorn, which are always great bar snacks to soak up the well balanced and incredibly flavorful cocktails. 

Le Coq Rico

The Mona Darkfeather

The menu is very creative, which makes it difficult to pick just one cocktail. When I told Lawrence my favorite cocktail was a Manhattan, he instantly knew I would enjoy the Rico’s Old Fashioned to start. This classic cocktail is simple, stunning, and composed of Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, Rye, Rosemary, and Maple. After my old fashioned, I decided to try some of the more fashion forward cocktails including: The Mona Darkfeather, made with Kettle One Vodka, black cherry, and cognac as well as the Son Of A Rooster cocktail, which is made with Don Julio Blanco Tequila, spiced ginger, Creme de Mure, chili. One is sweet and seductive, the other is spicy and refreshing! 

Le Coq Rico is sleek and stylish with dark modern finishes, an open kitchen, and a great bar program. Stop by this spot for some incredible French fare, friendly and attentive service, and some of Lawrence Trailer’s creatively delectable cocktails!