Stocking stuffers are usually the last on the list to buy, but necessary in any Christmas celebrating household. The beauty of stocking stuffers is you can grab some unique and fun gifts whether it is booze inspired, beauty inspired, food inspired and more. My mother every year fills my stockings with some great things like lip gloss, nips of vodka, whiskey, etc. (when I turned 21 of course) as well as some of my favorite candies and snack items. This also makes it great to snack while opening the gifts beneath the tree!

Here are my top last minute stocking stuffers that will wow your loved ones…

Food Inspired Stuffers: 

image001-5Wine Spiked Salsa’s: Ravenswood Winery teamed with husband and wife duo Lorena and Vitali Meschoulam of Brooklyn’s La Fundidora to develop wine-infused salsas, both available HERERavenswood Macha Salsa $7, Ravenswood Borracha Salsa $8. These salsa’s are delicious with some Pork Shoulder Tacos as well as something sweet, since they certainly have the spice!


NYS-Pita-Chips-Parmesan-Garlic---Herb-9-ozNY Style Pita Chips: These Pita Chips can get addicting, especially the Ranch flavor! Stuff their stockings with a bag of these and have yourself a very Merry Christmas with some delicious flavors like Garlic & Herb, Chili Pepper, and Sea Salt. Dip these all morning or bring them out for your family/friends celebration with some unique recipes.  






093015_cello_deli_bannerCello Whisps: These cute and crunchy parmesan crisps are a delight any time of day. Snack on these 100% real Parmesan crisps and feel the salty, savory and cheesy flavors melt in your mouth. Dip them in some wine salsa, some tomato sauce, or snack on them by themselves.. any which way they are delicious!


fd6929_05af4bd189e64186a76bc3a6f62a2fcaFlaVer Mints: Since their Kickstarter Campaign, FlaVer candies have become a fun craze. These craft candies are a delicious sweet treat to stuff in any stocking and come in flavors like Pineapple Jalapeño, Peppermint, Popcorn and more! I love the Pineapple and Peppermint and keep them in my purse at all times, because every NYC woman needs a sweet treat throughout the day, or a refreshing minty burst… and thats just what I get from FlaVer Candies!



Boardwalk-Craft-Beer-Popper-MixesBoardwalk Food Company: Founders Dirty Bastard Beer + Pretzel Mix= A Delicious Delight! Boardwalk Food Company makes beer bread mixes that are out of this world, yum. From the Rosemary Sea Salt Bread to the make your own Pretzels, the beer options or bread mix option will be your hardest decision to make. These range in flavors, mixes, and styles but bake evenly, taste great and are a great winter treat for brunch, lunch, or while watching your favorite sporting game. See some of my previous beer bread mixing masterpieces, and try some for yourself!

prepared-mustardColman’s Mustard: After Thanksgiving I took the leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and slathered some of this spicy and tangy mustard between two slices of rye bread and the combination was magical. Talk about some of the best hangover food out there! Colman’s mustard makes for the perfect stuffer for those who love to eat. Try the mustard or the powder to create some unique dishes, snacks, and desserts.

Busha Browne Jamaican Jerk: Between the Jerk Spice, Sauce, Honey BBQ Sauce and Spicy Tomato Apple Sauce these jerk products are perfect for any spicy loving chef or home cook in your life. A variety pack makes for the best stocking, so fill it on up!

Booze Inspired Stuffers: 

lovely-package-alacran1-2Alacrán Mezcal: Although I always mention the tequila, Alacrán makes a Mezcal too and it is wonderful. For those who drink mezcal, want to start or simply deserve a stocking stuffed with a bottle then try this brand. I preach their tequila, for the sleek and smooth taste that matches the sleek and sexy bottling, but the pairing possibilities are endless, and will be fun to test out on a cold winter day/night when you’re snowed in!


ss_comp_raspgingerDaily’s Spiked Soda’s: Daily’s ready to drink cocktails has come out with some flavorful and fun stuff to “stuff” their stockings with! These spiked soda’s: Raspberry Ginger Ale, Blood Orange, Lemon Lime, and Cherry Cola need to make an appearance at your next party for they make great mixers and on their own drinks! Just think of all the fun you could have with spiked soda’s and movie nights, or at a BBQ!

Daily’s Cream Cocktails: The Salted Caramel is absolutely delicious, while the Chocolate makes for a great Mousse or sexier cocktail, and the Horchata adds a nice cinnamon kick to any night. These cream cocktails should be enjoyed with friends and family over ice by a fire… like I did at The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, PA!