Lance Nekot® cookies come in seasonal flavors that are out of this world yum. This holiday season stock up on these limited edition flavors and savor these bites as long as possible!


IMG_7739The Chocolate Nekot® cookies come with mint filling and remind me of a Girl Scouts Thin Mints. This is crucial because I am addicted to chocolatey mint cookies, and when I run out of my three dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies (usually in a week or two)… these are a great way to get my cravings under control! Dip them in some delicious hot cocoa, spiked with Godiva Liqueur, and you have yourself a wonderful winter pairing.

The Pumpkin Cheesecake pairs well with some Maple Bourbon on these cooler fall/winter nights. Thanksgiving may be over, but Lance cookies is giving us Pumpkin Cheesecake Nekot® cookies for a limited time.

As if those two flavors aren’t mouthwatering enough, theres another limited edition flavor. Sweet Cream with Sprinkled Sugar Cookies is the one cookie that should be sold all year round. Stock up on this one heavily as these little round cookies are incredibly addicting! I pair these with my daily lifestyle… they are just that good.

Time for you to go out and get some for yourself. Great for stocking stuffers if you can hold off until Christmas to dive into them… but for those of you with little self control when it comes to cookies like me, these seasonal sweets are a must have as soon as possible!