I recently tried a great Kebab place in the West Village. Right off the subway, you can enjoy Mediterranean street food, salads, and more at KUT Kebab, NYC!

Bread is freshly baked in-house every single day, and when you walk in you’re instantly hypnotized by the delicious smell of chicken and roasted vegetables. This is one of the newest and best “cheap eats” in an area that is hot, hot, hot! Here you will find menu items for $8 with big portions, which is almost unheard of here in NYC.

KUT reflects healthy and authentic flavorful options that surpass the standards of the kebab stands in France. They offer slow-roasted chicken inside a delicious fresh baked bread pocket, and when topped with the house-made garlic hummus, it’s simply the best. 

The free-range chicken is marinated for 24 hours before cooking on a revolving vertical spit. Their secret lies within the flavor, carefully sourced ingredients, and high-quality menu items. Here you will also find an array of hot and cold fillings are prepared from scratch daily, including a Mediterranean-spiced ratatouille, caramelized onions, house slaw, and garlic hummus. The veggie bowl won my heart when I visited the location. The portions are quite large, and you will be full. 

You can choose between a sandwich, a Kuttie (half sandwich), a durum (flatbread) or a salad (bowl). During my visit, I had the pleasure of tasting a Chicken and Veggie Kuttie as well as a Veggie Bowl and I was very happy with the customizable options. The team is also very helpful and will guide you through the best options, depending on your spice level. 

For those of you looking for some delicious and high quality, budget-friendly food, look no further than KUT Kebab, NYC! I absolutely recommend it and look forward to returning often for one of their Kutties!