IMG_3294Ken Conn, a Mississippi native cooks up some delicious Cajun cuisine in NYC! Here in the video you can see Somm In The City with Cajun In The City and learn a little more about how Ken is bringing the Bayou to the Big Apple!

Where did your culinary career begin?   “On an offshore tug boat in Fourchon  Louisiana. We used to go snail hunting on the bayou. Boil those snails and eat a pile of them. Little bit of butter sauce. We cooked Gumbos and boiled shrimp with all the fixings”.

What is Cajun cooking?  “IT’S A STYLE. Original Cajun dishes were mostly made in one pot. It’s about making a great dish with what you have”.

IMG_3289Why Cajun?  ” I tell everyone to cook what you know and love. I love to cook southern and Cajun food and add that special amount of secrete love into to it. If you don’t have the love, throw it in the garbage”.

Who is your most admired Cajun Chef?  “Justin Wilson. He was a great Cajun cook and story teller. I think of him a lot when start to cook. He inspires me”.

What do you want to show people about cooking in a small NYC kitchen and Cajun? “ I started out in a tiny studio apartment with a one person kitchen it had half a stove/small fridge tiny sink/no counter space. two years later I started to realize I could cook in a small kitchen and it worked”.

Any recommendations for the beginner Cajun cook? Yes, fresh ingredients, patience, love and watch Cajun in the City.