Italian Tapas? Wait, aren’t tapas Spanish small plates? Yes, technically, however today tapas are inspired by every culture, cuisine, and chefs inspiration. This is also my favorite way to eat lunch and dinner and is ideal for those who love food and can never really decide on just one option for their meals.

IMG_9975Roasted Eggplant Stackers with Blue Cheese and Olive Oil is what paired beautifully with ZIOBAFFA wine. This Tuscan Red not only is medium bodied, earthy, and bright with soft cherry, plum, and spice notes, but it also has a Helix® re-useable cork closure, which is great for storing after opening. This cork closure simply screws back into your bottle of wine and thats it. No mess, no spillage, and no oxidation (other than the natural oxidation that happens to wine with corks).

With the blue cheese, the black pepper and minerality came through in the wine more so than the fruit, however when tasted with just the eggplant, tomatoes, and balsamic the cherry, plum, and fruitier notes shined.

ZIOBAFFA is a wine inspired by the Italian surfing culture, and is grown organically. This not only helps the environment, but is great for those who try and get in as much organic foods and beverages as possible (like myself).

It’s possible to pair this wine with something heartier, or other styles of tapas certainly, I just happened to choose the wine as my main “carb” for the evening.

What’s one of your favorite year round red wines?