IMG_7805Where can you dine and unwind by the water in NYC? Of course there are many places, but Industry Kitchen is one that will win you over with creative Rio inspired cocktails, pizzas, and desserts!

“Celebrate Rio” is a campaign taking place at six select Merchant’s Hospitality restaurant locations, where you can enjoy a Rio inspired menu. Although the Olympics are over, the restaurants will still continue the campaign through the end of August. At Industry Kitchen you can enjoy IMG_7806Grilled Polenta with tomato, basil, and goat cheese crumbles paired with a Paloma’s Spicy Sister cocktail. This one was a treat because the polenta and creamy goat cheese cut through the spicy cocktail and pair beautifully together.

The restaurant is well known for their house made pizza’s where they take pride in making their pizza dough perfect. Enjoy the Brazilian Pizza with mozzarella, pineapple, avocado, and fresh mint, which is on the Rio menu; however, IMG_7804if you want something slightly spicy, the Soppressata Picante with crushed tomato, aged pecorino, and garlic. I paired the pizza with Rio and Honey cocktail, which comes with an edible orchid and is extremely mesmerizing. Layers of blue and green, fruit forward aromas and flavors, and an edible flower… it’s an absolutely beautiful cocktail!



For the grand finale, enjoy a Fizzy Brazilian cocktail paired with the Caipirinha Tart. This tart is topped with Cachaca mousse and candied limes, and is out of this world delicious. If you watched the olympics and want more Rio in your life, head to Industry Kitchen for some fantastic Brazilian inspired fare, creative cocktails, and outstanding service!