thumb_IMG_5027_1024Warmer months can be a busy time for businesses and some of you who use your arm in a repetitive motion may notice some pain lingering from your elbow to your wrist, or up towards your shoulder. This is repetitive motion pain or tendonitis pain for many. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one, but I suffer from this pain and injury in both my elbow and shoulder and have been diagnosed with shoulder and elbow tendonitis. This is from repetitive use of chef knives, typing, opening wine, whisking, and having inflammation. Taking my daily turmeric capsules do in fact help, however sometimes I need an on the spot solution…. and thats where GoFit Polar Roller’s come in handy!

Last month I discussed Kryolife, which helped ease my pain for over a month (and I will certainly be going back for more treatments), but what’s a woman to do in-between Kryolife sessions? Recently I tried GoFit Cold Rolling Therapy products which have helped ease my tendonitis pain! It’s more of a spot on therapy, but the Polar Roller’s really work for instant pain relief for those who don’t have the time to budget for other treatments. I keep my Polar Roller products in the freezer, so they are accessible anytime I come home.

thumb_IMG_5028_1024If you have pain from being on your feet for long hours daily, you probably experience some foot pain. This could be in your arch area as well as your calves. If you’re not into wearing arches in your shoes (which can be uncomfortable and costly) Polar Roller has a foot roller that allows you to “roll” away the tension and ease the pain. After a long day of private chef work and wine events, where I am standing in kitchen shoes or high heels, nothing is more satisfying than curling up on the couch with my dog and rolling my arches on the foot Polar Roller!

I usually have my dog curled up on my lap, a glass of wine on my end table while i’m “polar rolling” my pain away! For my arm I use the Polar Roller that has a sphere on the end which rolls up and down my forearm shoulder. I literally can ease two inflammation areas and get instant relief so I can sleep easier and feel less tension when I wake up in the morning.

For those suffering from tension and inflammation in the industries of fitness, hospitality, food and beverage, journalism, and medicine, you may want to try GoFit Polar Roller’s. I highly recommend them for on the spot tension treatment and quick pain relief!