the-fuel-stop-social-nyc“Tis the season for parties, cooking, and a lot of drinking! This time of year is when you may experience some of those “industry injuries” I mentioned before in a previous article. Cryotherapy is a not-so-new non-invasive treatment where you allow your body to rid itself of inflammation and pain.

The Fuel Stop in Columbus Circle is a cryo clinic specializing in a full body cryotherapy treatment to help body inflammation and pain. Here you can step into the cryo chamber, dance for three minutes to your favorite song, and your entire body (including your face and head) is immersed in a freezing cold atmosphere. Chefs, Mixologists, Event Planners, Sommelier’s, Writers, and Healthcare Professionals that pull doubles and sometimes triple shifts this time of year should look into The Fuel Stop. Before a long shift of opening wine, working the line, or running around the floor, take 15 minutes to re-new, rejuvenate, and energize yourself!

brainfloss-001I have had success with cryotherapy treatments easing my severe tendonitis pain. I believe cryo works because after one session, I can work for long hours and weeks at a time with little to no pain. Cryotherapy treatments make a great gift for the holiday season, and at Fuel Stop you can pair a gift card with a jar of their delicious Brain Floss powder. I had a wonderful experience at The Fuel Stop. At first stepping endurance-001into the cryo chamber was a bit overwhelming, because I have only done it where my head was sticking out, but after the first minute it feels very good. Many would question and say, “feels good? You’re freezing your body!” In truth, yes, but I happen to enjoy the cold (although this is very, very cold) and know that these treatments work wonders for my energy levels and tendonitis pain.

Fuel the health conscious or “industry injured” friend in your life, and give them a gift that will heal, help, and energize them!

WHOLE BODY ENDURANCE (2-3 MIN): Whole Body Endurance is recommended for both men and women that seek to improve overall body performance, toughen against aliments of stress and environment, increase athletic endurance and bring down inflammation. Medical conditions such as arthritis, sport injuries, immune disorders and post-surgery recovery improve with cold therapy

1 SESSION: $75

5 SESSIONS (with first intro session free): $325

10 SESSIONS: $600

30 SESSIONS: $1,500

*Other sessions offered such as facials and body treatments. Prices vary depending on treatment package, and all are highly recommended.