Nothing brings out your inner child and a trip down memory lane like a Root Beer or Soda Float. Honest Tea makes an Honest Fizz that is sweet and delicious like soda, but with out all those pesky calories getting in the way.

Of course, this being a food, wine, and spirits site, I had to take Honest Fizz one step further and turn it into an Adult Float! First I tried a Root Beer Float because well, it’s simple, classic, and such a fun dessert. Simply mix Honest Fizz Root Beer with 1oz Stoli Vanilla Vodka and 3 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream; sip, eat, and enjoy! IMG_0486

Because one is never enough, I tried the Honest Fizz Spiced Cherry! It tastes like cherry soda and when combined with Three Olives Chocolate Vodka and Dark Chocolate ice cream it was magic in a glass.  Who doesn’t love cherry and chocolate!?

IMG_0488  These great zero calorie fizz’s are perfect for when you need a soda fix with out the fuss, or when you want to unleash your inner child and make some adult floats! Try them for yourself!