IMG_2291Hawkers, on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue is quite the hot spot for Thai and Malaysian food lovers alike. During the day this restaurant is peacefully quiet with a great lunch special. For $6.95 you get to pick a choice of one of their entrees and a soup or salad. Their wonton soup is delightfully interesting with a very light slightly saltier broth with a lot of flavor; much different than that of the usual wonton soup I am used to.

Their choice of entrees is very good compared to the other Thai restaurants on that very same street. Hawkers has a wide variety of noodle, rice, chicken, beef, and pork dishes all with a cool Thai flair, making it a very enjoyable experience if you want slightly different Thai cuisine. For those who like a little kick to their noodles, then the drunken noodles should be your meal of choice. Add some chicken to this meal and a nice glass of their $5.00 sangria, white, or red wine, and you have yourself the perfect little lunch. I myself like a little kick, but was very interested in the Pad See Yu…. This was the perfect choice! With the addition of beef, this dish is sweet, salty, and the silky texture of the flat noodles makes it that much more enjoyable. Chinese broccoli and asparagus are mixed in with these sensual noodles. IMG_2294

Ok, you may be thinking I’m crazy for saying noodles are sensual but here is why. Imagine, you’re sitting in Hawkers, it’s a hot afternoon, and you’re cooling down with a nice, great priced sangria and then a steaming plate of Pad See Yu comes your way. The décor alone is intriguing with bright red walls, fun and artsy lighting fixtures, and painted silhouettes all over the walls. The aromas are enough to get you to dig in right away, and after just one bite you feel the silkiness of the noodles and taste flavors of sweet yet salty soy sauce, tangy Chinese broccoli and asparagus and sweet marinated beef. The experience is sensual.

Check this place out, open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner!