IntoxDetox packageIs it just me, or do you find your hangovers are much worse in the summer? I find myself having no problem drinking up to three liters of water a day, along with coffee and matcha, and yet I wake up somedays with headaches and typical “hangover brain” if i’ve had even one too many on a fun night out with friends. Summer I find is also tricky because it’s hot out, you may hydrate a lot, but as you walk through the city streets in this heat, you lose water.

This was my issue until I started to use Intox-Detox, which certainly helps save me on nights I know the cocktails are flowing much more freely than the water is. I know this is mainly from dehydration, and Intox-Detox is a pill you take, so how does it help a possible hangover? Before I go out for a night of rooftop crawls and tapas, I take my Intox-Detox with a full glass of water (sometimes more than one if i’m feeling really motivated to hydrate) and in the morning I don’t get the hangover headache. I am happy to get up, drink more water (very important)  and hopefully hit the gym, or at least get up early to take my dog on an early brisk walk.

Intox-Detox uses a system of:

Japanese Raisin: Intox-Detox™ provides a clinically-proven dose of Japanese Raisin, shown in human research to break down the metabolite Acetaldehyde, which is largely responsible for the painful after-effects of drinking.

Setria®: Using a first-to-market ingredient found only in Intox-Detox™, this patented ingredient is shown to increase Glutathione levels in people by 35%. Naturally produced in the body, Glutathione neutralizes the toxicity of Acetaldehyde,.

Green Tea: Preliminary research suggests that Green Tea helps the body energize, detox and fight the damaging free radicals that come from toxins like alcohol.
Ginseng: Not just for energy! The science says Korean Red Panax Ginseng can help restore balance and eliminate toxins from your body, boosting liver function.
Now, the trick is still to control your alcohol intake and to not over drink. However, during the summer when the nights get cooler and the drinks are flowing, it can be hard to remember to keep up with your water intake, especially if you’re not sweating and your “thirst” is quenched. Intox-Detox is something I always carry in my purse, just incase I realize my night may be a little crazier than I anticipated!
Please drink responsibly!