IMG_2013The title may explain one dish in it’s entirety, but what should also be expressed is that Aangan, on the Upper 

West Side, serves up some incredible Indian Cuisine. As National Vegetarian Month dwindles down, Aangan doesn’t forget or limit those meatless customers; in fact, it’s the opposite. Offering an unbeatable lunch special, vegetarians, meat lovers, and seafood lovers, can enjoy a large, multi-dished lunch anywhere from $10.95 to $12.95!

The ambiance is clean and traditional, with a gorgeous chandelier and Indian music that makes this restaurant very serene. The cocktail list was a lot of fun, from the Aangan Lassi to the Monk Coffee; everyone will have their choice of something they love. I chose the obvious route and went with the Aangan Lassi, due to the fact that I know, and love Mango Lassi’s and also that it cuts through the spicier dishes. IMG_2025IMG_2029The vegetarian lunch comes with a heaping portion of piping hot Basmati Rice, accompanied by many choices given on the menu. I chose the Samosa, which was spicy and perfectly fried. The vegetable and lentil sides were perfect mixed in with the rice, and complimented the Mango Lassi cocktail very well.


IMG_2030Since I am a fan of meat however, there were some other dishes I could not resist… hence my title for this article. The Tandoori Shrimp was smoky, spicy, and sensational over the Mint Rice. The Coconut Curry Chicken was sweet and nutty, packing the perfect amount of spice and Indian flare. As far as the Lamb Saagwala goes, it is hands down the best I have had in NYC. I have been to many Indian restaurants in NYC and even NJ and this one was perfect. The Lamb was medium rare, which in my book is A+ right off the bat, but then the Saggwala sauce was sweet, spicy, and creamy, making it unbelievably addicting.



If you’re into Indian Cuisine, you must dine at Aangan on 103rd Street and Broadway. The wine and cocktail list will certainly delight and will absolutely pair with the menu. I’d suggest the Sauvignon Blanc or the Riesling with some of the spicier dishes… but then again that’s up to you to make your own fun pairing.

If you happen to go anytime… please share, if you dared to pair!