It’s officially the holiday season! This is my favorite time of year to celebrate with family and friends. There’s nothing better than the spirit of the holidays, and when you can give your friends and loved ones a great gift, that just makes their spirits brighter.

It’s funny, as a Sommelier, my friends and family are afraid to buy me wine. I don’t know why since I have such an open palate, but because of this they always find great wine accessories, glassware, and more for me. I love anything wine related, and there are so many cool new items to get the wine lover in your life this holiday season!

SnowFox Drinkware

Caraffe- Never worry about keeping your chilled wines cool and stylish! This carafe looks great on the table and will keep your cold wine cold for hours. This is a great gift and a steal at just $25.

Martini Glasses- When I saw these, I was instantly in love with the white/rose gold. These are perfect for winter martinis like eggnog or candy cane. They come in a variety of colors, that will match any kitchen. They keep your martini cool, so you can enjoy your cocktail even by a fire! $25 for a set of 2.

Stemless Wine Glasses- The burgundy ones are my favorite for sipping my slightly chilled reds. You can sip any wine of your choosing out of these, since they’re stemless and also come in fabulous colors. $25-35.00 for a set of 2.

Drink Mate–  This device turns any beverage into a sparkling beverage! From tea to wine, and even still cider. I love turning my sweet wines into sparkling sweet wines, which make great additions to cocktails. The holiday season is the perfect time to create cocktails, and Drink Mate will only help make it more fun!

Mixologist World Decanter- This is the perfect decanter and aerator for any wine lover. A decanter is a great gift because it’s fun to have out and showcase on a countertop or bar, and when the wine needs to breathe, you always have one on hand! This set is easy to use and comes in a great box that’s perfect for gifting. $29

Badeloft Dark Oak Bathtub Caddy- Who doesn’t love to enjoy a glass of wine with their book or Netflix while soaking in the tub? Once I moved to my own 1br apartment, tub accessories were essential. This Badeloft bathtub caddy is perfect, sleek, and matches many bathrooms! $129




Alive & Well Olives- Although olives don’t necessarily “pair” with wine, they are the perfect pairing for gift giving. Why? Because who doesn’t put out olives when they serve cheese and charcuterie with their wine! If someone brought me a nice bottle of wine or a set of glassware paired with Alive & Well probiotic rich olives, I would be so happy. These olives are from Greece and come from small family farms who follow the traditional methods from their ancestors. My favorites include Kalamata, Black Rovies, Greek Mix, and Chalkidiki. All that is in them too is organic olives, water, and some sea salt. You’re getting high-quality olives that anyone would love!

DrinkAde- Drink this before you start drinking adult beverages so that way you feel great and in shape in the morning! Drinkade has no sugars, it’s low calorie, and gluten free made with natural ingredients including aloe, milk thistle, potassium, green tea, and more. These ingredients are combined into a nice easy to carry in your purse bottle, where you can bring it anywhere! $24.99/6 pack

Happy Holidays!