While summer comes to an end, and we embrace fall, it’s time to let go of the negativity and add some “good juju” to your days. What’s a good way to add in some happiness, juju, and positive vibes to your daily or weekly routine? Well, for starters I love to make sure I have a clean and serene space to live in.

This means I have my beautiful Alex & Ani Rose Quartz Pendant around my neck, and my Sivana Spirit Lucky gem stone bracelet on. The rose quartz is also known as the“love stone,” and is said to cast out negativity, opening the door for positivity and “good juju”. I also always wear and almost never take off my Green Aventurine Mini Gem Stone “Luck” bracelet. This brings me good business, spiritual awareness, and protection; and that I love!

These energy pendants and bracelets make the perfect gift when paired with a bright and crisp bottle of SAVED “Magic Maker” Rosé. The wine is made by Scott Campbell, famous tattoo artist. This pretty wine is Provençal in style and has notes full of strawberries and pineapples. On the palate it is dry and easy to drink. Pair this with the rest of the warmer weather we’re having this September, or bring it to your spirited parties this fall and holiday season! 

Want a great gift idea that’s stylish and sip-able? Pair one or both of these jewelry options with a bottle of Magic Maker rosé. Simply drape the bracelet and necklace over the neck of the bottle, put a bow on the bottle, or place it in a sparkly bag, and viola! A one of a kind gift that not only she can wear, but she can sip too!