IMG_2807      Gina Unverferth, a Master of Whiskey and a woman with a lot of talent showed us how to make this great holiday cocktail. The Manitoba, a cocktail that is citrusy, lemony, and slightly sparkling is perfect for the upcoming holiday, but I also want to point out that this will be my go to cocktail all this summer as well.

Crown Royal Maple adds the perfect touch of winter warmth, but the lemon makes it fun, zesty, and of course when made my a Master of Whiskey, it becomes much tastier.

Gina went through a program where she studied whiskeys, tasted, and had to learn everything about this spirit and cocktails. She is truly remarkable and lights up a room with her down to earth but upbeat personality. You can truly tell she loves what she does as you will notice her not only in this video, but also in articles, how much passion she has for this industry. Within minutes of meeting her, I could feel her passion for spirits and what she does; it was intoxicating. Here you can see her making the Manitoba, the cocktail she made us for the holidays!