Home cooks are fun to buy for, for the holidays! Just think, they’ll love you for thinking of them, remembering their hobby, and then they will want to share their delicious creations with you; what could be better right?

Here are some great gifts for the home cook, chef, and or culinary aficionado in your life! (The $ signs next to gifts show you just how reasonable these great gifts are for your loved ones $=reasonable $$= worth it still $$$=Still worth it, but pricier)!  

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 9.10.51 AMBaked by Fire Kings: As seen in this previous article, this bake ware is a must have for culinary or baking lover. Any type of Parmesan dishes, casseroles, pies, cakes, and mousses can be made in any number of these glass goodies! ($10.99-$14.99)

Baked Elements: This beautiful hard covered book is perfect to accompany the Baked ware you buy for your home cook! Includes recipes, full pictures, and step by step directions. ($$)

image009-1Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  I dare you to name one home cook who doesn’t use 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil in some way shape or form. If you can name one, then this gift is an absolute must! I know that if someone I love bought me good quality olive oil as a gift, I’d absolutely love it, and it WOULD be used! This oil is made from hand harvested olives in Spain, and is extracted using the First Cold Press. All in all, this is a must add to great gift baskets and or stocking stuffers! ($-$$)



8pack-Grouping-OrganicsCarrington Organics Tea Bags:  Ok, you may be scratching your head going “what”? Yes, tea bags are great for your home cook, because not only can you drink this delicious anti-oxidant filled beverage, but I love steeping tea and adding it to salad dressings! The Lemon Green Tea and Herbal Blend are wonderful for those recipes, and makes for great stocking stuffers as well! ($)
13 Lavender by the Bay: Lavender is soothing, sexy, and such a wonderful scent to fill your home with. Did you know you that you can cook and bake with lavender? Yes you can! LBTB has great Lavender Flowers for baking and teas that last a long time and are great when you want to make Lavender cocktails, sauces, dressings, and even meat marinades! ($)





Falksalt: This finishing salt comes in an array of flavors and is perfect for the home cook that likes to give each dish a little something extra! My favorites are the Smoke, Garlic, and Rosemary. These salts are perfect for finishing your steaks, salmon, and or pork chops. ($)






trio-box Crown Maple Syrup: This syrup company shines in the Maple world when it comes to making fresh, delicious, light, and flavorful syrups that are perfect for cooking, over pancakes and or waffles, and even as a cocktail addition! ($$$)


RR-GroupBRave Review Culinary Spirits: These culinary spirits are fantastic when making your winter warmth dishes, and add just the right touch of alcohol you need to your dishes. My favorite is the Hops with a Pot Roast, and the Brandy with Apple and Bacon Pies! ($$)







image001SAAS Hot Sauce: Heat thing up in your kitchen this holiday season with Saas hot sauce. These sauces are bold, spicy, and the perfect addition to your chili, chicken, and or BBQ meats! ($1.49-$5.49)






timthumb.phpCarla Hall Petit Cookies: Carla Hall, a well known chef on The Chew, is becoming more of a household name more than ever! Her book, Cooking With Love and Cookies are a hit this holiday season and make a great gift for your foodies this holiday season. Flavors include Mexican Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal with White Chocolate Chips and Cranberries, and Black Forest Crinkle! ($16.00 with free gift wrap) $$$


Give the gift of creativity and cooking essentials this holiday season!