*Picture Provided by Paulaner

*Picture Provided by Paulaner

Paulaner is a German Beer establishment, restaurant, and brunch spot that serves some fine German beer flights, pints, and liters. Germany will always hold a special place in my heart, having received my sommelier training in Koblenz in 2011. This was not only the turning point of my career, but Germany is home to not only some amazing wine regions, grape varietals, and growing conditions, but the beer is truly something you need to try.

Located on Bowery street, this large beer brewing spot houses large stainless steel vats, a secret beer room, a party room, and so much more. You can easily bring a group of 10+ people and sit at one of their large benched tables, enjoy rounds of beer flights, appetizers, and try some traditional German dishes (with an American spin of course).

I chose to try the beer flight, where the hefeweizen came out on top as one of my favorites. These five 100ml samples of the best beers in house are quite filling, so be sure to bring your appetite to this delicious spot. The flight consisted of:

IMG_9913Hefeweizen, Munich Lager, “Seasonal” Bock, Munich Pale Ale, and Munich Dark. All of these styles resemble the beauty and craftsmanship Germany has to offer with the convenience of being in NYC. The beers have anywhere from 4.9%-7.0% alcohol by volume which is a good balance for a beer flight and makes it very enjoyable. I found the Hefeweizen to be unmistakably fruity, well balanced with some bitterness and light hops flavor. The Munich Lager is a bright beer thats amber in color and has a lot of fun malt notes. The seasonal bock was striking and darker in color with bitter, balanced, and caramel characteristics that added some interesting complexity. The pale ale and dark also won my heart…and the love of my palate with smooth and rich but fruity flavors.

photo-4I started off with the beer flight but had to dive into some pairings too. The Obazda & Baked Pretzel is one of a kind and like nothing I have tried before; even in Germany! The pretzel comes out piping hot with plenty of salt and a side of the Obazda, which is a cheese ball thats full of flavor, sharpness, and creamy textures. Spread a little, or a lot on your pretzel and you’ll be in heaven. This appetizer is great to share as it’s quite large and you will want more from the menu… trust me!


Next came the Wiener Schnitzel with German Potato Salad and Cucumber Salad. The cucumber salad was a refreshing surprise and something else I have not tried before, let alone thought was a German dish. The Wiener Schnitzel is not only large, but it’s made the German way! Very traditional, fried, and delicious it’s great for those who want to taste a little Germany but don’t like a lot of “stuff” on their food.

“In Germany I remember I used to get mine smothered in bacon and onions (best item on the menu at Altes Brauhaus, Koblenz), but here chef certainly stole my palate with this simple yet flavorful and traditional dish.” 

PaulanerNYC_Food-653For dessert, if you save room, you can even enjoy some traditional German Desserts with a modern and fun NYC spin. The Kaiserschmarrn with a Seasonal Compote is perfect for a warm summer evening. This Bavarian Classic is made from Raisin Pancake Soufflé pieces sautéed in light, rum butter and served with a Seasonal fruit compote.

Paulaner is a simple and stylish German beer hall you have to check out. If you like big portions, great beer, and a fun atmosphere, then this place is for you; also be sure to check out their Bottomless Brunch on weekends!