IMG_6141      Stylish Japanese cuisine with some modern infusion lies in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dark and sultry booths, dimmed lighting, stunning silver and red splattered décor, and a tunnel into a circular bathroom are only just part of this chic restaurant.

As you slip into one of their very fashionable booths, you may second-guess yourself on whether you are really in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or in the Meatpacking District. This restaurant is stunning, stylish, and fresh.

IMG_6143Starting off with a glass of sparkling wine is kind of my thing, so I did just that; later I moved to the sake. Two appetizers is usually ideal when it comes to Japanese cuisine because out of all the options it is extremely hard to choose just one. The Pepper Tuna Tataki with Ponzu Gelle and Spiraled Carrots is savory, sweet, and charming. The tuna is fresh and sliced thinly with just a hint of pepper and a light sauce. The gelle is playfully sweet, but an accompaniment that adds the perfect something special to this cold appetizer. To complete the first course, try the Spicy Tuna Gyoza. This dish is served crispy with a Jalapeño Guacamole and Chili Emulsion that will excite your palate with explosions of flavor.









IMG_6129        Some Kawacho Sake was needed next with the next few courses. The signature special rolls here are creative and exquisitely plated. The sauces are flavorful and striking, so adding soy sauce isn’t necessarily needed; which I absolutely loved! The sake with this roll was a very pleasant pairing. The sweet yet savory roll really brought out some nice cucumber and melon notes in the sake, while still keeping all of its flavor composure when sipped with the special sushi.

IMG_6127  The entrée’s here are perfectly portioned to share if you’re like me and want to try a bunch of things. The Filet with Wasabi Butter is tender and juicy with just a hint of the hot wasabi to make this dish enjoyable andIMG_6147 unique. If you are in the mood for some fall of the bone, juicy, and tangy Short Ribs, Fushimi has the best, and they’re topped with thinly sliced purple and white potato “chips”!




Lamb lovers however, will enjoy the Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb which is cooked perfectly medium rare, and accompanied by crispy mashed potatoes that are out of this would, yum.

IMG_6137If you have some room for dessert, which I hope you would, the Warm Chocolate Cake is the picture-perfect end to the meal. Pair this with a bottle of the Ty-Ku Coconut Sake and you have yourself one enchanting pairing.


Beautiful presentation, outstanding service, and an energized ambiance await you at this sexy sushi spot. Enjoy the lounge with some bar bites and great priced cocktails, or enjoy an elegant and romantic meal in the dining area; either way you will fall in love with Fushimi. Visit any of their locations in Bay Ridge, Williamsburg, or Staten Island.

What dish do you think you’d fall in love with?