Fall is here and NYC is one of the best places to experience this season in. For those of you looking to add some Fall Sangria to your work week, here’s a fantastic sangria using Onli Beverages, Beso del Sol Sangria, and Cranberries, Licorice, etc.

I partnered with these two companies on some features, which you will see throughout the seasons this year! The licorice in this beverage combined with the cranberries makes this Sangria versatile for fall and winter months.

IMG_7214Beso del Sol Sangria is boxed sangria with excellent quality. This Sangria is perfect for mixing up punch for parties, sauces, and of course this Sangria.

Onli Beverages: the “Onli” additional beverage you need to spice up your Cocktails and Sangria’s. Onli comes in a variety of flavors, but for this sangria the Pomegranate Hibiscus was the perfect choice.


“Onli” Fall Sangria: by Sara Lehman

* I recommend making this in a pitcher or bowl if you want to share with others!

1/2 Box Beso del Sol Sangria IMG_7215

1 Bottle Onli Pomogranate Hibiscus

4-6 oz Tequila ( I chose Milagro Tequila)

5-8 Cranberries

1 Licorice Root (if available)

2oz Simple Syrup


1. In sauce pot, combine cranberries, simple syrup, and licorice root. Turn stove onto med. heat and gently heat cranberries and licorice until well infused and aromas fill your nose.

2. Place heated mixture in ice bath for a quick cool down, and remove licorice root (no one wants that in their drink)

3. Combine wine, tequila, and cranberry mixture (once cooled down), with some ice in a pitcher or punch bowl.

4. Top with a bottle of Onli beverage, stir, and pour yourself a glass of fall!