Polar Seltzer IMG_0163has become a kitchen staple in my house! The cool refreshing flavors excite my palate with every sip. Why is this a kitchen staple for me? Well, because Polar flavors are so refreshing and taste like actual fruit that I can, many times, solve my soda cravings with this sparkling beverage.

Besides the healthier alternative to soda in my diet, Polar flavors make excellent sparkling cocktails! As many of you know, I love everything and anything that sparkles, whether it’s my clothes, makeup, or beverages… if it sparkles, I have to have it!

Polar came out with some exciting summer flavors that I will show to you in a series of articles. I could have written about all five flavors I have, and made five cocktails, but I wanted to really show you what these wonderful sparkling waters do. The best thing about these new flavors is that they are so intense and delicious. The cocktails I made needed very little ingredients.

Awesome, inexpensive cocktails!? I think so!

            I opened up the Pina Colada Water and wow! Such a Colada taste it was magical. I wanted to stick with the tropical theme of the beverage and decided to mix in a delicious coconutty spirit called Smoke, a liqueur made with Moscato Wine, Vodka, and Natural Flavors. I also added some pineapple and guava nectar for some fun flavor kicks, and garnished it with a kiwi. A classy spin on a classic tropical drink! Here is the recipe!

The Classy Colada  IMG_0157

2 Pineapple Chunks

1 TBSP Guava Nectar


TT Polar Pina Colada


  1. Muddle the pineapple chunks at the bottom of the martini shaker.
  2. Pour in the Guava and SMOKE. Add ice.
  3. Shake very well.
  4. Pour into martini glass and slowly pour Polar water into cocktail. Stir slightly, garnish with a kiwi.
  5. ENJOY!




Now, because one cocktail is simply not enough, I chose to also make a cocktail that reminded me of a grape Jolly Rancher! I didn’t know how it would turn out, using only two ingredients, but because the Sangria flavored water was intensely grapey, I thought it would be really cool; and it was! This cocktail is very low in alcohol, which makes it fun to have before dinner or in the afternoon. I took the Polar Pomegranate Sangria and mixed it with Riunite Lambrusco. Now remember, both are sparkling, so no need to shake anything. Simply pour, stir, and enjoy!

The Grape Jolly  IMG_0159

TT Riunite Lambrusco

TT Polar Pomegranate Sangria Water

1 Martini Glass


1. Pour, stir, enjoy!


These Polar Flavors are available in stores and are a must have in my bedroom bar! I still love my classic Polar flavors like lemon, lime, and cranberry lime, but Polar surely outdid themselves with these flavors… Im hooked!