While visiting Las Vegas in June, I wanted to explore one place where the locals tend to go for lunch, which is off the strip. I decided to visit Crazy Pita Rotisserie and Grill, which is just about 10 minutes off the strip in a popular shopping mall. It’s a fast casual and fresh Mediterranean Restaurant that offers a delicious array of small and large plates.

A lot of people in the area cater from here as well as dine in for lunch and dinner. Here you will find everything from Roasted Lamb Platters to Shrimp Skewers, Falafel, House-made Hummus, and Greek Salads. On top of the menu they also serve beer and wine, which is a fun dine-in option to have when you want a healthier meal in a casual setting, but still, want to enjoy a glass of wine.

I started off with the Greek Salad with a side of Hummus and Pita. The feta was nice and mild, which was great because they included plenty of tomatoes and olives (which are my favorite). The hummus is smooth and creamy, unlike any hummus I have had; it’s a Vegas favorite.

The platters here are really wonderful and are great to share with a couple of side plates. I decided I had to try three of the most popular larger plates, which included the Falafel Plate with Grapes Leaves, Rice, Hummus, and Salad, as well as the Grilled Shrimp Skewers, and Lamb Skewers. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and seasoned, so if you enjoy seafood this is a winner! The lamb was great as well, perfectly tender and juicy and really pairs nicely with the mini bottles of wines they offer. Also, as a fun treat, whenever they have it be sure to get the Braised Lamb Pita because the braised lamb here is heaven!

Overall everything at Crazy Pita is simply wonderful, and I guarantee a great experience when you visit. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the craziness of the strip and do something a little different. What’s great about the company is that they also give back.“Our primary charity is currently the Josh Stevens Foundation. Click below to read about the great work the foundation is doing in our community: www.joshstevensfoundation.org. Every year in October we celebrate Joshie’s birthday at Crazy Pita. All proceeds from his favorite pita (Kefta pita) go to support the foundation.”– Crazypita.com

For those of you seeking fast-casual Mediterranean cuisine to enjoy, be sure to visit Crazy Pita for the best in Las Vegas! You will not be disappointed!