Father’s Day is approaching this month! On the 21st of June give dad a great gift he can enjoy throughout the entire year. Here are some top wine, spirit, and food related picks for Fathers Day!

image001-19image002-15Personalize his wine…This Father’s Day, Josh Cellars get personal with dads across the country by giving wine lovers the opportunity to create a bottle label with a personalized message! This free service will allow consumers to write a dedicated 140-character note to dad, including his name at top and the gift giver’s name across the bottom. The labels can be created online at here, and will be sent directly to the consumer’s home to affix to their bottle for a unique Father’s Day gift. The program is set to launch in May 15 and will run through Father’s Day.


Drinking Accessories

image012-2“At your service” Beer Towels: “I’d Tap That”… This is just one of the fun and “pun intended” beer towel sayings for dad. This collection is great for the dad who is always in the kitchen or by the bar. $7.00/each these are great for kids to give dad too (while using their allowance). 

image010-1Pop Cap: Great for the dad’s who like their gadgets! This one is a drinking gadget so it’s even better for those pesky beer tops we simply want to pop off after a long day of work. This stainless steel Pop Cap is $19.00 and easy to transport and keep in a drawer. Simply place the Pop Cap over the bottle, press down firmly on the cylinder and voila! Off comes the cap!

image006-7The VinOice Wine Chiller: We know our men NEVER forget anything, however sometimes one is simply to busy to remember to chill the wine for dinner that evening. Give dad a gift that will help him “chill out” for $28.00!

image002-16Stainless Steel Stircicles: For father’s that like their spirits, this one is great for dad when he needs to also “chill out” after a long day/night. This swizzle stick serves dual purpose; it stir’s your drink and chills it! $23.00. 

Spirits for Dad

8BEB3106-BCAB-43D3-9D44-65DBA0108CA3Botran Rum: is a bold, full flavored premium spirit that can be best enjoyed on the rocks or in a one of a kind cocktail. Most recently, Botran Rum announced that it ranked among the Top 10 Rum Brands in sales as well as the 10 Top Trending Brands by Drinks International Magazine.

Ungava Gin: This golden colored Canadian Gin is one of a kind and a unique gift. Great on its own, expressing less Juniper and more Herbal Honey notes, this Gin is one dad will want to have on his bar. Show dad he’s unique, loved, and has a heart of gold with this Premium Canadian Gin.

Alacrán Tequila: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila… dad? For those who know their dad needs something they can drink on their own or mix into a cocktail, Alacrán Tequila is just what he needs. Simple, smooth, and full of beautiful salty, mineral driven, and citrusy notes. 

Diplomatico negroniDiplomatico Rum: Diplomatico Rum is striking and delicious, bold with dark wooden, caramel, coffee, and chocolate notes, and perfect for dad’s who enjoy the darker spirits. Sip on rum this summer and give dad a gift he can enjoy all year round! (Cocktail: Diplomatico Negroni)

Van Gogh Espresso Vodka: Espresso Vodka after a nice meal can be very relaxing and act as a digestive. This Vodka by Van Gogh is perfectly expressed and will give dad the full flavor of espresso with a spirit he loves (if he’s a vodka drinker). This vodka is smooth, flavorful, and one he will love for Father’s Day!

Father’s who love food…

Busha Browne Sauces: These Jamaican Jerk products are ALL perfect for dad. whether it’s the sweet and tangy BBQ sauces, the Hot sauces, and more, make dad a gift basket with all these lovely, delicious, and authentic products. Trust me… you may get a nice meal out of it too!

thumb.aspx-2Boardwalk Beer Bread Co.: Beer Bread is here, and easy to make at home! Don’t worry about buying dad a bunch of stuff and get him a 6 or 12 pack of his favorite brew, a nice bottle of olive oil, and this Boardwalk Beer Bread mix! You’ll definitely want to devour this bread once its slathered with some butter and hot out of the oven.

Cigar and Beer Gift Bucket: This is a great gift for dad! Gourmet Gift Baskets has been on the site almost every gift guide this year because I am in love with each and every one. Using brands that have been featured on the site, this is a one stop shop for those who like to give dad a category of gifts $199.00!

Barbecue-Boss-Grilling-BBQ-Gift-Basket_largeGrilling Gift Basket: This one is for the dad who loves his BBQ! For $69.99 you can give dad all he needs to grill up something good this Father’s Day… who know’s maybe hell grill something for you too!