IMG_2987The lower east side in Manhattan is a very hot spot to hang. The restaurants are great, the atmosphere is slightly less crowded, and at most bars you don’t have to wait more than five minutes for a drink on a weekend night. If you’re looking to have a nice dinner out, with incredible food, warm and friendly staff, and a nice wine list, then head to Prune.

Prune was in the Winter Wonderlamb competition mentioned a few weeks ago on this site. I was very lucky to be one of the judges of this delicious competition and got to enjoy Chef’s Braised IMG_2998Australian Lamb with Burnt Toast, Preserved Lemon, and Squashes. This dish was salty, sweet, meaty, and tender.

With just one look, the lamb fell right off the bone; it was beautiful.

The menu description was slightly misleading however, due to the fact that there was no toast, but maybe it was in the sauce and I just missed it.

IMG_2988            Since the judging was secret, a whole meal and drinks had to be ordered. The cocktails were fun and inviting using a lot of fresh herbs and juices. The Octopus appetizer was small but insanely delicious, perfectly charred, and had just the right amount of lemon. The Duck Breast was out of this world yum, and a must order when you visit. A lot of customers at the other tables recommended the Bone Marrow Appetizer, so that will be on my must order list next time. IMG_2999

The wine list offers a great selection of Old World Wines and decent by the glass prices and options. This somm would certainly recommend ordering a bottle due to the comfort of the restaurant and the atmosphere.

If you want one of the best desserts you will ever have, save room at Prune because the Mascarpone Cheese Ice Cream and Salted Caramel Croutons will have you soaring to heaven and back. This dish was by far one of the best desserts I have ever had in NYC (and I have had a lot)!

IMG_3001     For those of you needing to go this week, I highly suggest getting there as soon as possible. Hopefully you will get Michelle, a wonderful hostess who accommodated us so very well. Also make sure to get a table with John, who is a wonderful server and will make your dining experience a memorable one!

Visit Prune at 54 East 1st Street, NYC.