IMG_3482Always wanted to learn to paint? Haven’t touched a brush to an easel since kindergarten? If you love to paint, want to learn, or want to drink and paint… then head to Muse Paintbar where you can do it all! Whether you’re a seasoned painter, finger painting expert, paint enthusiast, or simply want to do something a little different than the typical restaurant and drinking we do here in NYC, then try this new Tribeca hot spot.

I recently visited Muse and it was awesome. On a Wednesday night the place was poppin’ and the paint was out to play. Upon arrival you check in and they have your name at your easel. After you are welcome to order food and grab a drink at the bar, which is a separate cost than the original ticket, however the prices are great considering it’s NYC! I enjoyed a Pear Cider for around $6.00 and the ticket to paint was $25.00. In total around $30.00-39.00 (after ew opening promotion price) to learn to paint, have a drink, and a take away “masterpiece”. 

IMG_3484You’ll surprise yourself with just how good your painting will turn out. Our instructor Caitlin was hysterical and made you feel very comfortable. While trying to make a tree and not laugh at her commentary, it was an enjoyable night overall. The staff is very friendly and will compliment or help you throughout the class if you need, and are always available with more paint.

Want to try Muse for yourself? This makes for the perfect date night, first date, mom and daughter date, girls night, roommate outing and more. Become the artist you always imagined yourself being, relax and unwind with a glass of wine and a great art lesson, you will not be disappointed!

Ok, so how can you try this for yourself? Besides going to the Muse website, you have the chance to win two tickets for the new year to any class you desire.

IMG_3489How do you enter this artistic giveaway: 

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*Note: Giveaway includes 2 tickets. Food & drink are not included.