Let’s face it…men are hard to buy for sometimes. Gadgets come and go, he probably has enough ties, and he doesn’t need another sweater. This season get him something he will absolutely love that can be kept out or on all year long! Here’s two gifts we absolutely loved for your man this holiday:


51AZ20SPsnL._SX650_Dalys 1895 Secret Cognac Set: This product may look like just another book he’d put in his home office, but in reality it opens to reveal a set of 4 cognac glasses and coasters! Just think, while he has the guys over he can have his set and cognac out and not only will it impress, but you’ll be the coolest significant other ever! $120.00.







cufflinksStainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks: Let him be the life of the party, and the necessity when bottle openers run scarce. These stainless steel cufflinks can open your bottles of beer or brews wherever you go! ($160.00)








download (1)Nickel & Dime OPS: This great Jazz & Hip Hop band is the perfect gift for your music loving guy. Now ladies, you too will love the music, so if you give this gift, you get the pleasure of listening to it as well! Listen to this CD with an Old Fashioned cocktail for a fun twist on a new genera of music and a classic cocktail pairing.