IMG_3439Celebrate the coming of 2016! New Years Eve is a night where anything can happen and all is possible. Whether you’re working, hosting, or attending a party, there are some essentials you will need for this celebratory evening. I’m all for going to bars and restaurants, however within the past few years I have opted to stay in and host an evening with sparkling wines, cocktails, and pairings. Last year I showed you a DIY Bubbly Bar complete with some essential sparklers and cocktails. This was at my mother’s home, where in the suburbs of NJ there is a lot more space to lay out a full bubbly bar. This year I took the bubbles to my NYC Apartment and created yet another fantastic DIY Bubbly Bar (cocktails included) to inspire you for your New Years Eve. Not only can you create a one of a kind night for your family and friends, but you can absolutely do it in a small NYC apartment with no problem and no fuss! My top bubbly bar picks are below with some ideas to inspire you as well as tips to help create this one of a kind evening.

The bubbly bar lineup…

Pere Ventura Tresor Cava- This dry rosé cava is a sparkling wine from Spain. Cava is not only one of my favorite styles of sparkling wine but Pere Ventura is one of the best cava’s for your buck. He does not skimp on quality and delivers you some of the most elegant cava out there. Tresor Brut Rosé has aromas of fresh strawberry, raspberry, violets and some pepper. On the palate you will find elegance and beauty with well balanced acidity and beautiful effervescence.

Ferrari: This Italian Brut (dry) sparkling wine is made in the traditional metodo classico and is 100% Chardonnay. From Trento, Italy, this wine is beautiful with aromas of citrus and lemon peel along with some bread notes. On the palate this wine is light and classic with freshness and balanced acidity.

Martini Rosé: This sparkling wine from Piedmont, Italy. Medium dry and full of floral notes this wine has just a touch of sweetness balanced with acidity and freshness. Aromas of strawberry and ripe red fruit make this wine fun for a cocktail and to sip throughout the entire year.


Avocado Egg Rolls: The creamy avocados go great with bubbles!


Rotari Rosé: This wine is a Sparkling Wine from Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. Soft pink color with elegant and fruity, yet subtle hints of wild strawberries, currant, and raspberry. On the palate, this wine is fresh, fragrant, and intense, with hints of yeast and spices.

Lunetta Prosecco: This prosecco from Veneto, Italy is striking and means “little moon” in Italian. 100% Glera grape, this sparkling wine is classic and wonderful to sip on all seasons and is very reasonably priced. Produced by Cavit, this wine has hints of peach and yellow apple along with nice acidity and flavors of citrus.

IMG_3444Cinzano Asti D.O.C.G: 100% Moscato and perfect for a DIY Bubbly Bar, this sparkling wine is created with the Asti method: Grapes are crushed and the juice is stored at a low temperature until it is needed. When the wine is ready to be made, the grape must is warmed and fermentation takes place in pressurized tanks. Carbon dioxide is allowed to escape until the alcohol level reaches 6% and at this point, the Carbon dioxide is retained – which creates the bubbles. The fermentation continues until the alcohol has reached 7-7.5% alcohol by volume and the pressure is close to 5 atmospheres. The fermentation is stopped by chill filtration and the wine is bottled for immediate release. This wine has intense aromas and flavors of candied peach and citrus.


No cocktail is complete without a Susty Party Holiday Straw!

Terra Andina: This Brazilian Moscato is stunning and unique. Brazil has quite the wine country, did you know? I am always pleasantly surprised to find wines that are fun and full of life, like this beautiful Brazilian bubbly! Low in alcohol but not style and quality, this wine is a must have for any occasion as well as makes for the perfect aperitif or after dinner wine. By the pool, at the beach, or curled up in a NYC apartment, this wine always makes my bubbly bar top picks!


Taittinger Nocturne: This “sec” Champagne is composed of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. A blend of 30 Crus from several harvests this mellow and smooth Champagne is aged four years before disgorgement. Enjoy this after dinner or at your bubbly bar, the style is for every palate and you will not be disappointed. I love this wine with New Years as it’s super fun and the bottle is simply gorgeous. This is the perfect New Years Eve Champagne!

Other Bubbly Bar additions include…

Bottega Limoncino: The perfect mixer with Lunetta Prosecco or Ferrari, this Limoncino is produced with Sicilian Lemons and Grappa and is 30% abv. Simply add a touch of this to any dry sparkling wine and you will fall in love!

IMG_3627Van Gogh Vodka: The Pineapple flavor by Van Gogh Vodka will knock your socks off. The Flirtini, inspired by Sex and The City is a combination of 1oz of pineapple vodka, 1.5oz pineapple juice, and Prosecco, Champagne or Cava. I used Segura Viudas Brut Cava to mix with the vodka and juice because it’s around $10.00/bottle and perfect to make into a cocktail. I also threw the Van Gogh Pomegranate on the table because, it’s also insanely delicious!

No Fuss Flatware: The party would not be complete without some Susty Party products! I don’t particularly love cleaning after a night of drinking, but Susty makes packs of party plates, utensils and more and all are colorful and compostable. Located in Brooklyn, NY these colorful and fun party essentials add that special touch to any occasion, make great table decor, and are good for the environment.  The holiday inspired straws are the perfect addition to any cocktail, while the pink and cream plates match with every decor and are easy to throw away.

Be safe and always remember to please pair responsibly! Happy New Year!