The weather gets warmer and going outside doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore. Time outside soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying a good book is just what you need on your day off. Even 30 minutes a day of reading and relaxing outside is shown to help reduce stress and make you more productive. Let these three great summer reads inspire, excite, and entice you… you can even pair them with wine! 

eating rome-pbkmech.inddEating Rome, by Elizabeth Minchill: For those seeking a delicious adventure… this book will inspire you to book a ticket to Italy as soon as possible. Eating Rome is based on Elizabeth Minchill’s popular blog: Elizabeth Minchill In Rome. This book will make you want to hop on a plane to The Eternal City as showcases her love and passion for the city that feeds her.

Pair this with a Bolla Prosecco and toast to your next visit to Rome!

Flavors of Aloha: Cooking with Tommy Bahama: For those seeking some incredible and colorful summer recipes… look no further than this book. Start any Luau off right with these wonderful recipes including appetizers, pupus, and even cocktails. Taste Hawaii from the comfort of your own home this summer with Flavors of Aloha!

Pair this with some Captain Morgan Pineapple or Coconut Rum and make yourself a Hawaiian inspired beverage! 

ShredDietCookbookThe Shred Diet, by Ian K. Smith M.D.: For those seeking some summer slim down inspiration, a health change, and or just some damn delicious and healthy recipes… this book is for you! Between the burgers, veggies, and creamy polenta I was hooked on trying out some of these recipes for my spring and summer meals.

Pair this with some Strawberry, Basil, and Lemon bubble water (low calorie vodka can be added for extra fun)!