For those of you who have been as obsessed with Devious Maids as I have, you know, sadly the season is coming to an end. To celebrate it the right way, and do things Somm Style, I paired many of the characters with wine.

Thanks to my good friends at Banfi Vintners, who graciously sponsored my new passion for pairing people and wine, I was able to plan this amazing character pairing season finale party!

Devious Maids Season 1 Gallery Pictures

            Let’s start with those Devious Maids, Carmen, Zoila, Valentina, Marisol, and Rosie. Five very different, exciting, and interesting women who not only have to take care of mansions, but also keep the secrets, clean up the messes, and manage not to get too involved in anyone’s lives. As you watched this season, things definitely stood out, you found out who they really were and got a good sense of their personality, so let’s toast to the cast of Devious Maids, and look forward to next season!

IMG_1313    Carmen, the spicy Puerto Rican, reminded me of the 2011 Centine Red Blend which consists of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot; a wonderful Tuscan blend. Like Carmen, this wine has some slight spice, but is married well with the other grapes to become a sensual, very sexy wine to sip and pair with food. Carmen has her strong Latina side, but has a softer side when she finally admits to falling for Sam. A wonderful blend in a woman.

For Zoila, a strong, caring, yet domineering woman, I IMG_1304chose the Florio Fine Marsala, it’s sweet and known and loved in many fabulous dishes and made only in Western Sicily. Like Zoila, who is loyal to her family, this Marsala is the cornerstone  to well-known dishes such as the Chicken Marsala served at this party, but also has a sweeter side which helps her deal with Genevieve Delatour’s antics, tantrums, and love triangles. This wine is very suiting to her character, and screams Zoilla!

IMG_1310  Then there’s Valentina, another spicy Latina with a heart of gold. This love stricken young woman reminded me of only one wine that is always in my fridge; Riunite Lambrusco. Like Valentina, this wine is sweet and bubbly, yet has an affinity for pairing very well with food. Valentina is smart, beautiful, and doesn’t get a lot of credit, similar to Lambrusco back in the day. As the show progresses, Valentina gets some more notice and you learn to love her more and think of her less as a child; very similar to Riunite Lambrusco, a growing favorite by many of its growing fan base.

Marisol, the most devious maid of them all, and a mother who will stop at nothing to find out the truth to prove her son’s innocence, reminded me of the 2012 Natura Cabernet IMG_1308Sauvignon. This wine is made with organically grown grapes and as stated on the back of the label, is “Premium and pure”.  This wine is made with pure Cabernet grapes which hold a strong natured flavor, and like this mother who will stop at nothing, this wines viticulture leads to an expressive character  where the terroir and grapes show their true nature; very Marisol.

IMG_1311      Last of the maids, but not the wines, we have our lovely Rosie. Her character is sweet, innocent, and simply wants the best in life for herself and her son, who is stuck in Mexico. Rosie, throughout the season changes slightly, becoming more devious and less innocent. She witnesses cruel acts, scandal, sin, and surely takes advantage of the situations. She’s able to keep secrets, but still get what she wants which is why she reminded me of a 2012 Centine Rose. This sexy Tuscan wine is complex and full-bodied, but has that slight spice of Sangiovese, and the smooth sensual characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Like Rosie, this wine has its soft side, but don’t let it fool you; this full bodied wine pairs only with the right food and complements them superbly.

Onto the couples, who as you fans know, make up a very large part of the show.  The Powells, who are definitely the strangest couple to hit TV in a long time, deserved one wine in particular. Stone’s IMG_1303Ginger Wine, made with raisins and ground ginger, fit the mold for the Powell pairing. Like Evelyn, this wine is different, a little strange at first sip, but surprisingly, has a side that you tend to like once you become more familiar with it. Evelyn kind of makes you feel sorry for her as you get to know her and all she has to go through being married to Adrian Powell. He’s the only character in the season that truly makes the episodes weird, freaky, and yet addicting to watch! Ginger wine was absolutely appropriate for the Powell’s.




The Westmores, who seem like an overly competitive, quarreling couple at first, show you a side to their marriage that is so much more. They lead separate acting careers and scandalous love lives, but are bound to each other by the son they have together. So despite their differences, they always wind up coming back to each other.  The 2009 Summus Toscana was the wine that came to mind when thinking of this couple; a unique wine, aged separately in barriques for about 12 months, then blended together and aged as a beautiful Cuvee.  What better way to drink to this couple whose separate lives always blend together for the family, much like this Tuscan blend.

The 2010 Cecchi Chianti Classico was the wine of choice for the Stappords. This wine is full of violet and iris and has a gorgeous purple color, but with age turns a nice garnet and is full of ripe fruit. IMG_1312Very similar to the Stappord’s relationship, they progress throughout the season and blossom despite all the drama, scandal, and lies. Taylor still retains her true beauty and Michael, although he has many secrets, plays a sexy, strong male character that you can’t help but be absolutely attracted to.

IMG_1306   For the Delatours, an interesting mother-son pair, a 2010 Luna Mater Frascati was in order. This wine’s name reflects its close ties to nature, but is mystifying and full of sweeter tropical fruits, ripe pears, and also bitter almonds. Like Genevieve who is sweet, eccentric, and lovingly desperate for affection, this wine is a gorgeous white with a nice nature. As for Remi, the bitter almond notes in this wine, make his character in the show a little more interesting every time you watch it, very much like this Luna Mater.

For Sam, the Maschio Dei Cavalieri Prosecco Superiore fit perfectly with his bubbly, IMG_1305intense, yet loving personality. Like my love for Prosecco, Sam’s character makes you just want to love and hug him, he is such a great man, like this great wine style. The sparkling wine jumps out at you with its fruity hint of pineapple and melon, leaving an impression on you similar to Sam’s.

Odessa, a former Prima Ballerina and Alejandro’s house IMG_1307manager comes off cold and indifferent, but as the show progresses, you notice this amazingly sweet side of her that you can’t help but love and understand.  She is paired with the 2011 Soave Bolla. Odessa, like Bolla, who for a while, was not fully understood, but flourished into a spectacular wine company, had a bad rap but blossomed into a heartwarming character with a dark past; a woman who is simply trying to enjoy life and live with bone cancer. Soave fits her so well with its hint of minerality, crisp acidity and flavors of pear and apples.

Lastly, because if we had any more wines as part of this party, I would need a bigger NYC apartment, I saved the 2011 Principessa Gavia Gavi for IMG_1309Alejandro. This wine is smooth and uplifting showing the true character of the beautiful Cortese grape. Like Alejandro, who is a superstar, struggling with coming out as a gay man, fighting to keep it a secret, this wine was perfect! He can’t hide who he is and we cheer for him as this season comes to an end to show his “Cortese” nature which is bold, beautiful, and absolutely loved by wine-o’s.

There you have it everyone! Always remember to drink what you love and have fun with your wine pairings. People will always remind you of wine and it can be fun to pair your favorite shows around the wines you love to drink! Try some of the wines mentioned with your favorite Devious Maids characters, you never know, you may just be inspired to find a wine to pair with Flora by the end of the episode tonight. I know I have my thoughts on that!