Sweet Revenge on Carmine Street has now become my absolute must go to wine and dessert pairing place in NYC! Here I was, thinking I would have to do all the wine and dessert pairings at home for this site until I found this sinfully sweet spot.

“I’d rather do a few things really well, then a lot of things half assed”. –Marlo Scott

The words of an inspiring woman, entrepreneur, and successful restaurant owner, that not only pairs everything on her menu herself, but has a wonderful team, and a great vision to make Sweet Revenge the sweet spot it is today!

IMG_0140  The menu offers a wide range of delectable brunch and lunch selections; but when I went there… I went for the cupcakes and wine! The menu offers a cupcake for everyone as well as cocktail, wine, and beer selections to go along with their delicious creations. The quaint, homey atmosphere and the warm staff make the time go by so fast, that I was lost in cupcake heaven.

Because my sweet tooth was in overload that day, I couldn’t just order one cupcake, or two, but three was enough to suffice! First I tried the Dirty cupcake that is pure chocolate heaven. It wasn’t overly sweet even with the mountain of chocolate ganache piped perfectly on top. Paired with this cupcake was a Fruli Strawberry Beer that was so completely perfect with the rush of chocolate. IMG_0138

Next came the Sweet Revenge cupcake! Oh man was this a peanut butter lovers best friend, and absolutely delightful with the Malbec. This was a very interesting pairing because I was not sure if the peanut butter would over power the Malbec, but Sweet Revenge sure made this work.

The last cupcake, and my favorite of the day was the Crimson & Cream; Raspberry Red Velvet cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting. Now, for those of you who don’t know this, I am not a fan of red velvet, and Marlo’s explanation was because I hadn’t “had the right one”. She was absolutely right, and the one at Sweet Revenge was absolutely the right one because I was smitten by this cupcake. Paired with this incredible creation was a Raspberry Bellini and it was absolutely perfect!IMG_0137

Be sure to stop in for Breakfast, Brunch, or for a quick afternoon treat! This sweet spot is the perfect afternoon pick me up or for an after dinner nightcap.