Have a sweet tooth and looking for an unbelievably delicious deal? If so, head to Eileen’s Cheesecake on July 30th 2014 for National Cheesecake Day!

Those who pick up cheesecake in store, receive 50% off their cheesecake purchase. 

Just think about it…you can buy these incredible and famous desserts for half off, so you can go and grab some wine and enjoy an edible evening.

IMG_6207Who is Eileen, and why are her cheesecakes delicious, famous, and different from the rest? Well, she is a passionate baker who is compassionate, a mother, and also a grandmother. She brings joy to families, parties, and dining room tables through her desserts every single day. The passion she has for crafting simple yet incredible cheesecakes is tasted throughout each and every bite.

When I dove my fork into the Salted Caramel Cheesecake, I thought I was dreaming. I died and went to dessert heaven, and that’s coming from a trained, and experienced pastry chef!

“It’s always been a family business, even when they were working other jobs, they would always come back to Eileen’s” – Eileen and Daughters

The family atmosphere, dedication, and commitment to this bakery are what make this business, and her desserts shine. When you walk in, you are greeted with pictures of happy families, children, and a sense of IMG_6217community, where in NYC that can be tough to find. “We have been asked to franchise, but I have always said no because I don’t want to change the brand”. Eileen is spot on when it comes to being successful and doing something you love. Her cheesecakes have not changed and she does not skimp on ingredients or cost. She sticks to her original recipe, because it works and people love it. She will however, throw in some decadent and wild flavors, but the consistency, texture, and quality, remain the same.

As for the cheesecakes, the Original with Strawberry topping is scrumptious and sinful. I ate every last bite, and without any shame licked the paper wrapping too.

IMG_6212The Chocolate Banana and Salted Caramel are the two best flavors when you want a pop of sweetness, some savory notes, and delicious dreams later on that evening. Other flavors like the Mango and Pumpkin are perfect for your seasonal festivities and make for unique and shareable options. The White Chocolate Raspberry however, is striking both in design and flavor. This one won the heart of my twin sister, and I was lucky enough to get just one bite so I could tell you how delicious it was.





Eileen’s is located at 17 Cleveland Place, NYC. This little spot serves up some big flavors and on July 30th you get 50% off. What flavor will you choose?