IMG_0795Maybe it was the dark wooden bar filled with happy hour and chatter. Maybe it was the staff’s attentiveness and desire to give every table a great experience. Or maybe it was the array of delicious and classic steak house sides including creamed spinach and mashed potatoes… all I know is when you want sensational service and the some of the best steak in NYC, Ben & Jack’s Steak House is a Prime Choice!

As you are seated down to a linen dressed table, the intensely seductive aroma of perfectly cooked steak awakens your senses, and the sound of sizzling hotplates coming out of the kitchen is like music to your ears.

IMG_0782Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse on Fifth Avenue is an experience that you will truly enjoy from start to finish. The Tuna Tartare is fresh with a unique and “sea-inspired” spin! I was so pleasantly surprised to see a bed of seaweed salad atop my tartare, because many restaurants still stick to the traditional layers of avocado, tuna, and so forth. The seaweed salad added a saltiness that paired beautifully with a glass of 2013 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is bright and crisp with lots of mineral driven and grassy notes. When paired with the fresh tuna, silky avocados, and crunchy sea salad, it was heaven.

IMG_0792I almost always go for a steak house Caesar Salad: a classic favorite that includes crunchy croutons and a plethora of parmesan. This one was right on the money and paired with a very pleasant 2013 Francis Coppola “Diamond Series Gold Label” California Chardonnay. After the way to good not to eat every single bite of it salad, I moved onto my Medium Rare and perfectly pink Filet Mignon. Beside this hunk of meat was creamed spinach,  German potatoes, and because I had to…Fried Onion Rings.



The onion rings are out of this world outrageous! Pair-able with anything on the menu, these deep fried favorites are a must have for the table. The 2012 St. Clement Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, CA was a great pick for the filet, sides and, rings.

Red Meat+ Red Wine= Good Times!

IMG_0794At steakhouses desserts are another must. I was stuffed after the steak, but I couldn’t quit in the final round… especially when they offer creamy and delicious NY Style Cheesecake! Into the cake my fork dove, and alongside for a paired sip was a 2014 Mirassou Moscato. The sweet wine with the creamy cheesecake and side of espresso was the perfect way to end this delectable dining experience.

Food For Thought: What are some of your favorite Steak house Sides and Sips?