IMG_1062Non-dairy lovers unite! There is a new yogurt on the market for you and it’s delicious. I am not personally suffering from Lactose Intolerance, but my twin sister does and so do many people in the world today, so here’s a simple solution to get all those probiotics you need without the discomfort.

I decided to have these yogurt’s at my boozy brunch, which is a sunday tradition. The guests were very pleased with my selection of Crepes and Calvados, as well as these fun brunch mini mason jar yogurt cups. Using True Fabrications Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses (which are definitely more than one shot) the yogurt fit in perfectly and was a great portion for one person. I was able to get two jars out of one serving of Coconut Dream®. 

IMG_0576For those that love their yogurt but hate the discomfort or taste of Greek Yogurt, try Coconut Dream® for its soft, silky textures, mild coconut flavor, and yogurt benefits to your body! They make great additions to smoothies and yogurt bowls too. My favorite flavors include: Vanilla, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry!