Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.50.03 AMI talk a lot about cigar pairings on the site, and I am always happy when I find other sites and blogs that discuss pairing cigars as well. I recently stumbled upon a great cigar and spirits pairing website: Famous Smoke Shop, where they recommended Diplomatico Rum as a pairing with a Perdomo Champagne Robusto Cigar. 

They also included my own Diplomatico Rum and Gurkha Cigar pairing article in their related article section on the site! I was extremely excited to see this, and intrigued by the sites approach to cigar pairings and spirits selection.

On Famous Smoke Shop…

1. Select a spirit (rum, brandy, tequila, bourbon, scotch)

2. Select a price (won’t set me back, something good, spare no expense)

3. Select an activity (Their activities are fun and very clever)

4. Cigar Recommendation

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.49.41 AM

I must say, I found the activities comical as I was very interested to see what they would pair and or how they would select the cigar with activities such as: Crashing a pool party, trying to calm down a ridiculous friend, on a much needed vacation, or moving into a new home, and only unpacking booze! This pairing site is in association with Cigar & Spirits (another site I highly recommend), which features spirits, cigars, cigar events, and so much more.

Having a cigar this weekend? If so, and you’re pairing it with spirits, check out Famous Smoke Shop too see what spirits pairings they suggest! Please pair responsibly.