“You’re never really drinking alone if the dog is home…”

IMG_9150Makes sense right? You want some wine, your dog wants some company… hence you’re not drinking alone. Chateau La Paws recognizes that and thats why I love these wines so much. Not only do they support animals for the North Shore Animal League America, but they find these wonderful and loving dogs great homes. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home every day/night to someone who loves you unconditionally.

A soul who doesn’t judge you (not to your knowledge anyway), will greet you, rely on you, and cuddle with you every night. That my wine loving friends…. is a dog. 

The Spritz Tzu!

The Spritz Tzu!

Chateau La Paws recently held one of the best wine, cocktail, and dog adoption events in NYC. Here we tasted through some creative wine cocktails using the Chateau La Paws wines. A guided tasting was also led where we explored all the wines. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were bright, pleasant, and very enjoyable. I really liked all the wines to be perfectly honest, and they are reasonably priced, great quality, and will pair perfectly with your weeknight dinner.

 The dogs at the shelter are all on the labels of the bottles, and people can adopt them. Not only are you supporting a great cause, but you get to drink good wine in the process.

Cocktails included: Spritz Tzu and the New Yorkie Sour. I of course had to get the Spritz Tzu in honor of my little Shih Tzu named Cali! 


Here is where the hard part set in. I fell IN LOVE with a dog named EFFIE! She is the sweetest Great Pyrenees thats absolutely adoptable. Four years old and rescued from a kill shelter, this dog loved everyone. It’s so sad she’s not adopted; and that I can’t have a dog over 50lbs in my NYC apartment… or I would have whisked her away that night!

For those of you who want to see more dogs or find out where to get these lovely wines from go here