FullSizeRender1906 is where the Lallier history begins at AŸ, a prestigious thousand year old grand cru vineyard founded by René Lallier, who married into a prestigious Champenois family. In 1936, Aÿ was one of the seventeen villages to be classified as ‘‘Grand Cru” in Champagne, which is a clear indication of the quality of the grapes that grow on its famous hillsides and the remarkable wines they produce.

I had the pleasure of tasting the Lallier Series R collection from Lallier R.O10 to Lallier R.O12N and enjoyed the Champagnes very much due to their quality, elegance, and beauty. It’s no surprise that Lallier is one of the top Champagne brands out there with such incredible vineyards, winemaking practices, and family history! The Lallier R.O10 Brut is delicate and light with a bright floral and preserved lemon peel freshness that made me very happy. Artisanal Champagne or Grower’s Champagne is a new movement that should be embraced by Champagne lover’s everywhere. It’s not to say you can’t enjoy the bigger name brands, but I recommend trying a grower Champagne like Lallier next time you are in the wine shop; you will be just as happy if not happier with your wine buying decision!

IMG_5297After the R.O10 was the Lallier R.O11 which was bright and beautiful but with more oak and brioche notes. On the palate the acidity is high but well balanced with tons of citrus notes and a smooth elegant finish. While sipping the wines, perfect pairing possibilities filled my head and I would have totally paired the 10 and 11 with Huevos Rancheros, Lamb Saagwala, or a Baked Brie. Something heavier, texturally different with a lot of flavor would compliment these Champagne’s very well.

Up after the 11 was dosage v.s. non-dosage. Dosage is simply the amount of sugar added to the sparkling wine, and the Lallier R.O12 has 8g/l dosage, while the Lallier R.O12N has no dosage. That is the only difference between the two Champagnes and yet they are both uniquely different. The 12 has a bright nose of lemon and flowers with persistent delicate bubbles, while the 12N has more pear and apple notes with “ticklish lees”. I also enjoyed these very much side by side paired with Foie Gras and Sea Bass Crudo. 

For those seeking a stylish Champagne that ranges from $42.99-89.99/bottle, Champagne Lallier just may be the right wine for you. These wines are simply stunning for any meal, occasion, or aperitif enjoyment!

Always remember to eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.