IMG_6314Its Ceviche Season! Ok, well Ceviche can be eaten any time of year, but this citrusy and fresh dish just adds that extra something special to summer.

Ceviche is a classic South American dish thats predominately seafood. These dishes are tangy, spicy, and served cold. Made fresh and usually consisting of fish cured in citrus juices with vegetable accompaniments, there are many restaurants that know how to do it right.

Recently, the Peruvian Trade Commission held a delicious tasting of Peruvian Ceviche made by various restaurants in NYC. Cucharamama, La CevicheriaRaymi, Lima33, and Cevich, were all in attendance plus many more serving up their best Ceviche dishes.

IMG_6311The Red Quinoa, Shrimp, and White Kernel, Ceviche was out of this world, yum. The shrimp was tangy, the quinoa crunchy, and the kernel’s added a fun textual pop. The citrus made this dish really pop and it was a great start to the tasting to get my taste buds in full ceviche mode for more fun creations to come. Another fan favorite was the Ceviche with Red Onion, Kernels, and a fried Plantain Chip. This one was still zesty and tangy, but had a creamier sauce that was fun to dip the plantain in.

IMG_6312One of the ultimate ceviche dishes however, was the Pork Belly, Shrimp, and Yuka. This sweet, spicy, tangy, and zesty dish went beautifully with the Pisco Sour which when made in a blender, takes on a “frozen cocktail” like quality thats absolutely to die for.

The spiciness in this ceviche is cooled off quickly by the Pisco Sour making this one of the best pairings of the tasting! 

For those of you looking for some great ceviche and pairings, head to some of these great restaurants, as well as many more in NYC and NJ.