While visiting Washington DC for a day, I decided to make a stop at Centrolina. This Italian market and restaurant is led by women and serves up some incredibly fresh Italian cuisine. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kristin Welch, Beverage Director at Centrolina.

Kristin has a passion for Italian wines and has visited the country to taste wine and food several times. Growing up in Ohio, she worked her way through the restaurant industry and found she really enjoyed hospitality, food, and wine. Her list is quite extensive, with interesting Italian wines as well as some Virginia wines. I had the pleasure of tasting some wines with her and really enjoyed her selection.

We started off with the Ca’ Del Basco Franciacorta. It was beautifully refreshing and a great pairing with the Smoked Salmon and Tuna Crudo. The food here is very fresh, and not only can you enjoy a sit down meal, but you can buy meats, cheeses, and fish as well as other products from the restaurant in the market side. Centrolina is really a unique concept with high quality ingredients, great service, and a wonderful women led team.

After some sparkling and salmon crudo, I tasted a 2015 Syrah Rosé from Westminster, MD. This wine is a fun option by the glass and is very elegant. “This one is a great entry level wine for those who enjoy beer or cider more”, explains Kristin. 

Shortly after I enjoyed the Poached White Asparagus with a glass of Cantina Del Pino, Dolcetto. This wine is big and delicious and paired beautifully with the white asparagus. I also had the pleasure of tasting a wine from Virginia by RDV Vineyards, which I enjoyed very much. Virginia wine can be good, and I have found some particular vineyards I really liked while visiting.

If you’re visiting the DC area and want to grab lunch or dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city, I highly recommend Centrolina. It’s a great time when you want to enjoy a glass or two of wine with some authentic Italian cuisine.