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I had the pleasure of visiting Toledo, Spain for the first time in June 2019. It was an amazing trip, and was for pure pleasure…and some wine work, of course! We spent our days eating and drinking, and one of my favorite things to enjoy was the olive oils. Many people know Italy for olive oil, but Spain is one of the largest producers as well, and a lot of the oil actually gets exported to Italy!

I love dipping bread in olive oils from Spain. There is something so beautiful about a well-made oil, where you can taste the vegetal notes and nice white pepper. Quality olive oil is important not only for taste but for health. The olive oil market is saturated with both high-end olive oils and less quality as well. Sometimes for the consumer, it can be hard to justify spending $10 or more on a small bottle of olive oil, if you’re just using it for cooking. When it comes to quality olive oil, you don’t need that much, and you should use it more for enhancing your meals.

I had the pleasure of tasting in March with Maria Reyes online, two selections from the Casas de Hualdo collection. They are absolutely delicious! She made so many great points on why it’s better to have quality olive oil in your home for your meals. I myself have been known to use my oils only for special meals, and then she helped me realize that not only is every meal special but that it can really make them taste much better. Oils don’t come in the same shapes and sizes, and I have come to realize that not only can it affect your health, but they also have expiration dates!

Some of my favorite expressions from the collection are:

Arbequina Casas de Hualdo is one of my favorites from the brand. It’s delicate as olive oil and is very fragrant. It’s complex and has nice fruit, vegetal, and pepper notes. On the palate, it’s smooth and delicious!

Picual Casas de Hualdo is beautiful and fruity with a nice persistence. With this one, you will notice banana and green leaf on the nose, with a smooth taste and nice quality.

Reserva de Familia is a truly treasured oil, produced from the best batches of four varietals separately. This is a very limited edition of olive oil that involves many tastings to perfect the blend. Overall this is a stunning oil that is perfect for a nice dinner party to accompany a charcuterie board!

Overall if you’re looking to try something new, I absolutely recommend doing an EVOO tasting one evening! With Casas de Hualdo, the¬†unrivaled quality can be associated with a reverence for the rustic beauty of the estate. Casas de Hualdo manages the manufacturing process from grove to grocer, which is why they can offer exceptional quality, flavor, and health benefits in their oils.¬†