IMG_7632Tequila and Cheese? Yes these two pair beautifully when done right. Casa Noble Tequila is an ultra premium tequila made from Blue Agave plants. Using only traditional methods and strict requirements with water and sugar content, Casa Noble has won the hearts of not only myself, but many tequila enthusiasts.

Besides the traditional pairing with this spirit: Mexican Cuisine, Casa Noble has fragrant aromatics, salinity, and some oak notes, making it one daring pairing for some French cheeses. French Cheeses and Tequila? Yes, you read it right. I myself am guilty of pairing mostly all my tequila with Spanish cuisine, so when I saw the opportunity to try something new and exciting, I had to let my palate take this adventure!

IMG_7626The French Cheese Board and Casa Noble Tequila took food and spirit enthusiasts on a journey through the history Casa Noble, each type of tequila, and the cheeses to pair along. One wouldn’t normally think to go this route when pairing a spirit such as tequila with cheese selections like blue, brie, and some other very aromatic, but delicious bites. It just worked; it really did.

I happen to love the Reposado and Single Barrel Tequilas by Casa Noble, which went well with many of those “stinky” but delicious soft cheeses with the delicious rind on the outside.

The saltiness of the tequilas (some with hints of oak), paired with fresh creamy cheeses is quite a textural and aromatic pairing that I think you will quite enjoy!

IMG_7627A “Tequila Formage” pairing is one to absolutely try at home. With the coming of a New Year, dare to be a little different and let your palate explore some exquisite French Cheeses and Ultra Premium Tequila. For the best pairings, try to get to The French Cheese Board, where the knowledgeable staff will help you select the best options.