I had the pleasure recently of tasting a new spiked seltzer! As you fans may know, there are over a dozen different spiked vodka soda’s on the market, and it can be a bit daunting to choose one, am I right? Let’s face it, they’re all lower in calorie, and taste like spiked seltzer… which essentially it is. What makes CANTEEN different? Well for starters they offer a Cucumber Mint and a Watermelon flavor, which I have yet to really see in the market. On top of that, each can has 0 carbs, 0 sugars, 0 sodium, and a ton of flavor!

I was so pleasantly surprised because I do taste a lot of spiked seltzer’s in my type of position, and these had a nice amount of flavor but it was not fake tasting. Some flavors like Black Cherry or anything berry flavor to me tastes fake and almost like that cold medicine you were forced to take growing up. These taste like the actual flavors they say they are! The cucumber Mint reminds me of regular cucumber water, except with the bubbles. The vodka at 5% alcohol is well balanced, and overall these are very refreshing.

I hosted a Labor Day event for One Sixty Madison, where we socially distanced and got to enjoy CANTEEN and people loved them! The most popular flavors were Black Cherry and Watermelon, everyone went crazy for those flavors. My favorite was Cucumber Mint and Watermelon, however there were plenty of people who loved the Grapefruit too. They also make a Lime, which I imagine is just as delicious as the other flavors, which again, all have a very natural flavor.

I was wildly impressed with these perfectly portioned cans, which were ideal for a socially distanced event. We enjoyed these paired with Pizza from Bread and Tulips and some Live Music! Because we have a large patio with plenty of space at 160 Madison we were able to have an event for 50 guests, who were allowed to enter after temperature checks. Offering canned libations was ideal for a socially distanced event because people could grab and go.

CANTEEN is the perfect addition to your BBQ, beach day, and everything in between. I think this is ideal for fall camping too, and if you’re looking to see where you can find some in your area, here is the location tracker!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.