IMG_6720Attention Calvados fans: I was recipe developing in my kitchen (because I recently launched a Alcohol Infused Catering Dessert company called Booze InfuZed) and came up with a delicious cookie ice cream sandwich that will wow your guests and surprise your palate!

Get ready for it… Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie Calvados Ice Cream Sandwiches. They are easy to make, delectable, and a mouthful to say (and eat) literally! Using Calvados Boulard VSOP, which is a Calvados from Pays d’Auge, France. It is made from ciders which are produced in the geographical area of Pays d’Auge, which is included in the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Calvados zone. Calvados Boulard VSOP is produced with blendings of different Calvados Pays d’Auge of minimum 4 years age.

The salty bacon, combined with the chocolate chips and calvados really is something special. One of my favorite pairings is dark chocolate, a cigar, and a snifter of Calvados Boulard VSOP, so it was no surprise that it became my ice cream for this creative cookie sandwich. Be sure to checkout the new section Booz InfuZed, which is a site (coming soon) featuring all of my creative alcohol infused sweet and savory recipes and catering options.

Maple Bacon & Calvados Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies-2