strawberry champagne cocktail top view 2800pxToday is National Cake Day (Nov. 26th). It’s also the day before Thanksgiving… how appropriate right? Have your cake and eat it too, but with some booze! Cakes Under The Influence: a cocktail cake baking kit company inspired by all things cake, and all things booze. This company creates cake molds, kits, and serving platters all designed to help you create personal Champagne Flute Cakes, Martini Glass Cakes, Shot Glass Cakes, and so much more.

These Champagne Flute cakes are perfect for any party where you want to dine and drink with your friends and or family, but don’t want to have to stand around cutting slice after slice. Your time should be spent drinking and eating delicious creations, not worrying about perfectly portioned cake slices for a crowd.

baking_with_12_pack_entertainer_kit_533px__89983.1407200475.1280.1280These individual cakes are perfect for your party, and even come with an attachable tray, so no spillage is possible when transporting from table to table. The molds easily allow you to make the shape of the glass with your cake, so there is no crazy cutting or sculpting involved (unless you truly want to). The kit comes with everything you need to bake the perfect cake, you just have to choose the booze. The Champagne Flutes are delicious with the white cake mix, some Champagne buttercream, or whip cream, and topped with fresh strawberries. For an added boozy bonus, soak the strawberries in Champagne or an Orange Liqueur for a few hours before serving to add that extra something special.


Being that I am a Chef, (pastry as my specialty for many, many years) I of course had to hop on the opportunity to try them for myself! The kit is great, and I will be featuring some very fun boozy cakes all holiday season long, and after… as the holidays come about, boozy cakes will always be on the menu in this Somm’s kitchen! 

Cakes Under The Influence make for the perfect holiday gift for the aspiring pastry chef or food lover in your life. Let your holiday season be booze filled and beautiful!