IMG_5908Recently opened is a quaint little French restaurant in New York City called Cafe Noir. This sweet spot is filled with a lively bar, wonderful wine list, and a very welcoming staff and manager. Cafe Noir will be one of the participating restaurants in Bastille Week and you will be able to enjoy many specials.

I stopped in last week to check out this newly opened restaurant and it was certainly a lively environment. The city was having one of those torrential rain days, so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see an almost packed house.

The menu has a nice combination of raw dishes, IMG_5902cold, hot, and sides. The Oysters are fresh and accompanied by a tangy mignonette. The cheese plates come with spiced honey, sliced apples, oven roasted almonds, and olives. The Aged Gouda was perfect to begin the meal and get the palate going for some delicious hot dishes.

The Hudson Valley Duck Egg with Grilled Mushrooms and Pecorino Toast is a wonderful dish to share or have on your own. This warm egg combined with the grilled mushrooms is perfect when put onto the toast and makes for one delicious dish. For seafood lovers, the Oven Roasted Spicy Prawns are a must have and served with tomato, coriander preserved lemon, and garlic crostini.

Some side dishes are always welcome and one of my favorite sides are the Fries with Brava Sauce. This sauce reminds me of a tangy and heavier hollandaise and is delicious on the fried potatoes. Another great side is the Crispy Roma Tomatoes, which will compliment any dish.

Cafe Noir recently opened so be sure to go in and check it out when you can. Located in Tribeca on Lispenard Street, this spot has a wonderful wine list, menu, and great service.