What’s in a perfect burger? Is it the size of the patty? The flavor? What if I told you that there is a plethora of perfect burgers waiting for you in Midtown, the Lower East Side, Brooklyn, and many more locations in NYC and beyond… would you go?

031Bareburger, an Organic burger restaurant has grown enormously throughout the US and NYC. The décor is all recycled and organic, the beef and meat humanely raised, the vegetables fresh from the farm, and there is also organic spirits and wine. This all sounds too good to be true, right?

Here at Bareburger, the staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and they make the best IMG_4748onion rings you will ever have. The Mediterranean Burger comes out of the kitchen sizzling hot and is cooled off by a house made creamy yogurt sauce. This lamb burger is topped with fresh cucumbers, tomato, red onion, and lettuce. Alongside are the Onion Rings accompanied by three dipping sauces, which are out of this world yum! The Curry Ketchup is unique and tangy with some slight spice. The BBQ is sweet and perfect with the seasoning on the onions. The “Special Sauce” is worth buying extra just so you can take it home and dip all your favorite foods into it.

IMG_4746  Paired with this full flavored lunch was the Rachel C, a Rosemary Infused Blackberry Cocktail. This cocktail is perfect for the spring and summer season and will go with almost every burger.

The subtle fruit forward notes brought out the Mediterranean spice in the burger and lamb patty. What is amazing is the quality of the meat and spirits this company uses. The lamb patty tasted like perfection… and this Somm’s had a lot of lamb burgers in her life, but none like this.

Each Bareburger is unique, stylish, and has its own IMG_4749creativity. If you’re in NYC both the Midtown and LES locations are easily accessible and very nice. Head there to try the Onion Rings with the Johnny Appleseed cocktail or a nice organic wine to make your day that much more special.











Which burgers do we recommend? ALL OF THEM! But here are this Somm’s top 5 choices:

  1. Mediterranean Burger
  2. Maui Wowie
  3. Big Blue Bacon
  4. Brisket
  5. Smokehouse Portabella