IMG_2283The Big Apple Film Festival took place in NYC and was an absolute must attend for any film junkie, critic, and writer. I happen to have a love affair with Bourbon, whiskey, and or scotches, so Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, being an incredible sponsor, is what drew me in to this event! Opening night, guests were graced with a Bulleit dinner and pairing! Here we tasted through the Bulleit, Bulleit Rye, and Bulleit 10 year, which were all absolutely fabulous with the courses that were paired at a great restaurant in Tribeca called Tiny’s.


IMG_2281    The menu at Tiny’s consisted of Smoked Salmon Rillet with Pickled Shallots and Dill, Meatballs and Garlic Toast, Burrata, and a Kale Salad; all of which went strikingly well with the Manhattan’s or the Lemon  Cocktail we started off with. For an entrée, I had to go with the NY Strip Steak, which was topped with a fun spicy, tangy, and peppery sauce that brought out smoky flavors in the 10 year and Rye that were otherwise less present when tasted with other dishes. Other guests were able to try Pan Seared Hake, Wild Mushroom Risotto, and or Grilled Chicken, which by the looks on their faces, they thoroughly enjoyed those dishes as much as I enjoyed my Strip Steak.

The films were wonderful, inspiring, and compelling. These filmmakers work so hard for so long and make fantastic, passionate, films that excite, thrill, and engage the audiences.

The two jakes!

The two jakes!

One film in particular that struck my interest was that night watching a movie called Jake Squared. This movie is confusing, exciting, and funny, and keeps you on the edge of your seat, because you honestly are not sure what is going to happen next. Jake is 50 and trying to make a movie. While hiring a very sexy, young actor to play himself, he is bombarded with himself in many forms, old love affairs, and conflict with himself all while making this film, in a film. This movie was certainly enjoyed with more Bulleit, which helps you understand the movie a little more, and laugh a little harder at the funny parts!

Thank you to Bulleit Frontier Whiskey for sponsoring this wonderful Film Festival!